Nearly every superhero is out to cure the ills of society, whether it be righting wrongs, stopping disasters or just crackin’ bad guy skulls together.  Some of them, though, go a step further…

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Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with ‘An Amateur Comics Historian’ and that time that Luke Cage, Storm and Spider-Man beat up cigarettes, Presents:



After the success of ‘Zenith’ in the U.K., Grant Morrison made his way to the States to work for DC, with his first work being the post-Crisis revival of Animal Man, a rather obscure science fiction hero from the 60s.  Being a stalwart animal rights activist and a vegetarian, Morrison imbued those storyline elements into the hero’s adventures.  This is the tale that put both Morrison and Animal Man on the map narratively and creatively, making its points with a subtlety that later tales wouldn’t (or couldn’t.)

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