A few years ago, you couldn’t swing a cat without bumping into a rerun of ‘Scrubs’ on cable.  (That’s a recurring phenomenon when it comes to reruns, sometimes they’re suddenly everywhere.  Right now, it’s ‘The Goldbergs’ that I find I can’t escape.)  Then, as is the cycle, it went away for a while, only to suddenly recently recur, making me realize that I’m up for rewatching the adventures of JD and company.  I’m considering adding it to my DVR lineup, just in case I start to run out of HIMYM or Twilight Zone for those boring Sunday afternoons where I’ve taken all the baths I reasonably can, leading to today’s syndicated query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) actually isn’t sure that I have the DVR space to pull it off, though, ’cause I’m still waiting for someone to start replaying ‘Battle Of The Planets’, asking: What favorite series or movie are you most up for rewatching right this second?


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