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  1. Mechanical. There is something more intriguing to me to know that this poor nerdy kid built them himself (at least the initial versions) rather than being something he inherited from the spider bite.

  2. TheGreatNateO on

    So I say for Peter Parker Spider-Man 100% Mechanical (My Vote). But my favorite, Spider-Man 2099 biological web shooters make perfect sense and enhance character. Also any other spidey I’m OK with either way as long as it works. But Pete gotta have the old school.

  3. I believe that Peter Parker should remain a non-mutant superhero. Mechanical web-shooters contain some inherent limitations that can create some interesting story beats.

    If you want to give a spider-person biological spinnerets, then you have find a new limitation to balance them out.

  4. Doug Connors on

    Has to be mechanical. I always thought him making his own shooters and web fluid was a great subtle way to show how intelligent he was.

    • This is one of the reasons I’m so adamant about it myself. Not only did he design and build them himself, but he wasn’t exactly from a wealthy family, so it showed intelligence and resourcefulness that he could create this on his own without some fancy equipment or special ordering parts or anything.

      I don’t mind if he gets an upgraded set or something down the line, but it seems important to keep the concept that he created his initial webshooters on his own.

  5. I don’t have any problem with the mechanical web shooters, but this is the same universe where there are people with literal laser-eyes and people who can THROW THEIR BONES AT YOU! Besides, if he’s going to be a man with all the powers of a spider, he may as well have ALL the powers of the spider, including the one that makes me scared of the fact the he may be a sentient living being that I’m crushing beneath a protective barrier of paper-towel.

  6. Mechanical. If they were biological, the web fluid would have to come from some bodily orifice – and I’d rather not have to think too hard about that!

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