We all know that you can stop into any Hot Topic, Spencer’s or even an athletic store and get yourself a cool Batman shirt. With geek culture on the rise there are more and more small businesses getting in on this zeitgeist shift. That in mind, every month it is my goal to feature independent artisans who create unique geeky items based around a specific theme.

With the added bonus this month of being potential graduation gifts!

Chic Geek for this month is all about cool Guardians of the Galaxy swag in honour of the latest installation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Her Universe


Her Universe is hard to beat nowadays. Ashley Eckstein’s nerd fashion company has snapped up all of the best licenses and along with an impressive Marvel lineup of clothing they have two really stunning Guardians of the Galaxy-specific dresses that I wanted to highlight in this month’s Chic Geek.

One of the best parts of Guardians 2 was the further exploration of the complex sibling relationship between Thanos’ daughters Nebula (Karen Gillen), and Gamora (Zoe Saldana), and Her Universe understands that. They have both a Gamora and Nebula dress that could be incorporated in a cosplay or in an everyday work environment. There designs are at such a level that you can either wear your geekery across our chest or select a more subtle design, so as to bring your inner nerd into the boardroom – if necessary!

All designs available here are flattering for a variety of female body types, incredibly chic and easy available either online or at your local Hot Topic.
Approximate price range: $25.00 – $200.00


Waxspurts is an Etsy-only fandom and literary inspired hand-poured soy candles. Not only are they nerdy, but they are green for those consumers that prize natural products. Their wide range of products are available in a variety of sizes and they even offer “Special Gift Boxes”.

Their Groot candle is packed with all of the Earthy-centric scents that one would expect a giant hyper-intelligent tree to emit … and they probably weigh more than Baby Groot does as he appears in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. This is a sweet way to welcome a little “I Am Groot” into your home and when you are done with your original purchase you can head back to Waxspurts for another fandom to light the dark.

Approximate price range: $8.00 – $15.00


MoPins independently designed enamel pins that can fill all of your nerdy needs. The shop has a pretty high concentration of Marvel Comics related product in the shop at present, although they do offer products further afield than that at some of the lowest price points for custom enamel pins on the internet.

Enamel pins are a wonderful way to inject a little personal flair into even the most formal of situations. MoPins design for Guardians of the Galaxy the the mixtape. It’s an incredibly important piece of iconography from the film franchise as a whole and a subtle symbol of geekery. Only the coolest kids around will recognize this pin for what it is and those are the people that you are definitely going to want to be friends with. You should seriously consider picking this one up!

Approximate price range: $5.00 – $10.00

Troppa Manga Style

Troppa Manga Style as the name suggests, is largely stocked with anime and manga-themed accessories. The shop is populated largely by jewelry – specializing in earrings – made from polymer clay. This ensures that every pair is unique and nobody else in the world could own the exact same thing that you’ve purchased from them.

They’re Baby Groot design capitalizes on the breakout character from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and would allow you to carry a pair of tiny familiars along with you. There’s no chance that they will come in handy if you find yourself in a fight, but they are a statement piece that will be good conversation starters.

Approximate price range: $9.00 – $20.00

Shaileyann Designs

Shaileyann Designs boasts a number of computer decals, art prints and stickers from across any number of fandoms. Marvel gets a lot of good representation in this shop and Guardians of the Galaxy, in particular, is highly prevalent in her work.

The Mary Poppins line is likely to be one of the defining moments in the history of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It walks the fine balance between comedy and emotion that the franchise excels at and this is a singular way for fans to pay tribute to Yondu Udonta as we aren’t likely to see him on the big screen ever again. The decal will stick to your preferred computer of choice – not just the Mac that is featured here – and could brighten any workspace with the red light of Yondu’s arrow.

Approximate price range: $3.00+

I hope you find a collection of singular Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise from this list from either yourself or a special person in your life. If you do pick anything up, let me know in the comment section below – or if you have any other sweet shops that you would like see featured on Chic Geek in the future, please share them in the comment section as well.




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