Daryl Toh, known for the popular webcomic The Misadventures of Tobias and Guy, and Ryan King, the comic writer behind ToTully Aces and The Games We Played, are launching a Kickstarter campaign for their latest horror comic: NICO’S FORTUNE, set to launch on May 9th, 2017 and end on June 7th, 2017.​

There’s something strange going on in Beth and Laura’s new dream house. The recent newlyweds attempt to settle into a cozy, new lifestyle of modern suburbia, but disaster looms as they battle the behavior of their strange cat Nico and the even odder lifestyle of their annoying neighbors, the Nu Delta Xi’s. What horrifying ordeals await Beth and Laura behind the locked doors of their own home?

Taking inspiration from such troubling neighbor classics as Alfred Hitchcock’s REAR WINDOW, the campy 80’s horror flick FRIGHT NIGHT, and the Seth Rogen/Zac Efron comedy NEIGHBORS, NICO’S FORTUNE promises to deliver all new screams and laughs, with an adorable cat added for purrrfect measure. The release of NICO’S FORTUNE marks the second horror comic collaboration from King and Toh; their first terrifying ghost-storyTHE GAMES WE PLAYED was released Fall of 2016 and quickly sold out. Plans to reprint and rerelease THE GAMES WE PLAYED are detailed on the NICO’S FORTUNE Kickstarter page.

Link to the Kickstarter:


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