When it comes to superheroes with a civilian identity, those that weren’t born into the one-percent of society (Oliver Queen, I’m looking at you), most heroes have to have a day job. Clark Kent is a reporter, and Barry Allen is a forensic scientist working for the police. Both are noble, both bring home the bacon, but which one is the better “regular job?”


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  1. I had to go with Barry because I’m just fascinated with that sort of thing (the real version, not the almost sci-fi sort you see on “CSI” or other TV shows). I was actually planning to go for that sort of job until my health took a bad swerve in my high school years. That isn’t to say Clark’s job isn’t interesting or a worthy profession, I just like Barry’s job better.

  2. Being a lab technician myself I have to vote Barry on this one. The bodies will be different from day to day but the work would probably be more predictable and easier to plan around than field reporting. Plus reporting means routinely initiating conversation with total strangers, which makes my introvert brain recoil in horror.

  3. Minimal Effort on

    I’d rather be a reporter. When I get my facts wrong, I don’t accidentally ruin an innocent person’s life.

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