Thanks to the magic of expanded cable, my daughter and I watched the movie version of ‘Godspell’ this weekend, a viewing that puzzled her as she recognized the actor playing Jesus, but didn’t know why.  When I revealed to her that, 45 years later, he is Dr. Stein from ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’, she refused to accept it.  To be honest, as earlier roles go, it is amazing to consider the scarecrow-thin 24 year old with the huge mass of ginger curls is the same as the gray-haired elder statesman in spectacles, but that’s the nature of 45 years change.  It’s as strange as seeing twenty-something Deadpool and Captain Reynolds in ‘Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place’ or Aisha Tyler’s cameos on ‘Friends’, leading to today’s IMDB query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) remembers being shocked to see Harrison Ford pop up in ‘Apocalypse Now’, as well, asking: What example of an actor’s earlier roles was MOST shocking to you?


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