As a young man, I loved the heck out of ‘Say Anything…’ a movie about a young man who has very specific ideas about what he doesn’t want out of life, romance and the whole after-high-school thing.  During the course of the movie, he stands in his then-ex-girlfriend’s yard, playing Their Song at high volume in the hopes of winning her back.  In context, it’s wonderful, romantic and meaningful.  In real life, it would likely result in a restraining order.  ‘How I Met Your Mother’ refers to that dichotomy as the “Dobler/Dahmer Dilemma”, opining that the line of Charming Vs. Alarming is all about whether you’re into the person making the gesture, which leads us to today’s stalkery query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) still thinks that the entirety of ‘Fifty First Dates’ is utterly terrifying if you look at it from Drew Barrymoore’s perspective, asking: Which ostensibly romantic pop culture moment falls on the wrong side of the Charming Vs. Alarming scale for you?


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    • I always take those scenes as a “What NOT To Do” lesson. I always figured public proposals are intimidating the other person to where they HAVE to say yes or else they look like the bad guy. There are exceptions, of course (people who have been together a long time, smaller public proposals with a few friends, etc.), but most of them seem a bit more on the creepy side.

  1. The entirety of the god awful Twilight franchise. A friend’s wife gave me the cliff notes of the series which boils down to date the creepy abusive stalker and then turn the nice charming guy into a pedophile so he can date your daughter.


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