I really love being part of the many podcasts we do at Major Spoilers, but if you ask me for a favorite, I usually say Top Five.  That comes in part because of the variability in format, allowing my co-hosts to entertain me with their own weird fave-raves, but also because I am a man of many loves.  If you ask me three days in a row what my favorite superhero is, the answer will probably change at least once, so the idea of choosing five things from nigh-infinite sets makes for fun comparison and contrast.  This morning, for instance, I woke up with a desire to watch ‘The Black Hole’ again (and also eat honey shrimp, but that’s not important right now) whereas yesterday I would probably have said ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ is my favorite film, leading us to today’s cinematic query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “macks-ee-MILL-yun”) encourages you not to think about today’s MS-QOTD, but simply answer with the first film that your brain dubs as “favorite”, asking: If you and I sat down together, right now, so you could show my your favorite film, what would we watch?


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  1. Doug Connors on

    Wow, Black Hole huh? I think as a general favorite film I would have to with Princess Bride. But you’re right my favorite will drift depending on my mood, though there are probably about ten or so that do the top rotation.

  2. The Fifth Element

    I spent most of my twenties trying to figure out my favorite movie via lots and lots of top 5 genre lists. This one popped to the overall top when I realized how many genres I could at least make this an honorable mention. Simply put much like Matthew this movie is as eclectic as I am. Plus it is a great movie with the best use of opera of all time via the Diva. (stupid sound track split the Diva’s song into two and that little pause as the CD changes track kills a ton of the momentum the song creates in the film)

    Today’s top non The Fifth Element (next movie my brain thought of) A Pyromaniac’s Love Story, just a great 90’s film that has a lot of subtle and not so subtle humor.

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