As a nerd of opinions, I’m pretty used to being in the minority on what is and is not cool.  F’rinstance, I’ve always felt that Aquaman’s scalemail shirt and green swimming tights combination is actually pretty cool, in the hands of the right artist.  A Jim Aparo or Nick Cardy can make that uniform look cooler than any bat-cape or super-armor, and while I appreciate the casting of the movie Aquaman, I’m sort of disappointed that they’ve gone so far from the source material.  I understand that orange and green would be dicey for a live-action film (and also that DC/Warner is allergic to color), which leads to today’s underwater query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) actually enjoys most of the Jim Lee New 52 revision, except for that damned collar that he puts on everyone, asking: Do you prefer the classic orange-and-green Aquaman look or the gold-and-black Jason Momoa movie version?


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  1. I prefer literally every other version, including the hideously 90s hook-handed version, more than Momoa’s. And I didn’t think I could loathe anything more than the hook-hand version.

  2. Aartie Ramlochan on

    I love Momoa’s suit!!! the orange and green kinda looks dated, Momoa’s suit makes him actually look like an Atlantian King

  3. I’m in the minority, but I like the blue costume from the 80’s. I’m sure it was a pain to draw and ink.

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