We all know that you can stop into any Hot Topic, Spencer’s or even an athletic store and get yourself a cool Batman shirt. With geek culture on the rise there are more and more small businesses getting in on this zeitgeist shift. That in mind, every month it is my goal to feature independent artisans who create unique geeky items based around a specific theme.

Chic Geek for this month is all about cool Beauty and the Beast swag in honour of the new live action remake released from Disney!

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Love and Madness has been featured on Chic Geek in the past, but they are just so cool to not highlight again! Take a peek at the amazing Beauty and the Beast inspired wrap bracelet that allows fans of one of the most iconic Disney properties of all time to wear the words close to themselves at all time? They also have designs that are flatter and more like bangles, for the consumer who might be looking for a different Belle-inspired aesthetic.

This shop is almost entirely jewelry and accessories that helps bridge that gap between the geek in you and the working professional. Subtle designs bear important iconography and phrases that allow the effortless geek to incorporate their passions into everyday experiences. Love and Madness’ prices do vary from item to item and a keen shopper on any budget should be able to find something magical and timeless to take home with them.
Approximate price range: $10.00 – $120.00


Danique Jewelry is not a terribly geeky store in and of itself, but they do have a powerful staple that fans of the Beauty and the Beast live action movie are definitely going to want to check out. Emma Watson’s Belle has a stunning tree pendant that she wears during the famous dance scene with the Beast.

If you are looking to get your hands on just such a piece then look no further than Danique Jewelry, which makes lovely pieces marketed towards grandmothers, mothers and families. Whether or cosplay or incorporation into your everyday life, the pendant is a stunning piece of geekery that works for a variety of occasions. Comme c’est belle!

Approximate price range: $10.00 – $50.00


Kammy’s One of a Kind is a custom shoe-painting shop with a definite princess flair! Their storefront has a link to both Princess Shoes and Character Shoes that will scratch the itch of any Disney fans looking to bring a little sparkle onto their feet. The base shoes are mostly Keds or Toms, functional flats that could be comfortably worn all day long painted with either a character’s face or a take on the iconic princess dress.

The Beauty and the Beast shoes that Kammy’s One of a Kind has listed are the same colour as Belle’s yellow ball gown and adorned with the Rose that is such an important narrative device throughout the film. It celebrates two separate elements from the film whose destinies wind up entwined and allows fans to carry the warning of the Rose with them at all time.

Approximate price range: $100.00 – $250.00


Grey Little Arrows is a wonderful jumping off point for simple t-shirt designs perfect for the entire family. They have everything from baby-sized clothing to pieces for mum and dad who loves Disney as much as their children might.

With playful designs in place like the #SquadGoals t-shirt pictured above (you can also find one with the three Gaston fangirls featured in silhouette), pared down the beautiful artwork into something striking and refined. The variety offered by Grey Little Arrows also allows fans of any characters or point of view to be found within Beauty and the Beast to express what it is that they love the most. Hip and modern geeky apparel is what we are after and it can absolutely be found here.

Approximate price range: $14.00 +


oandhdesign is a great place for the book lovers who are also Belle fans. The design intricacies in Beauty and the Beast are on display in everything from the tote bags to the decor that can be found in this shop and used to spruce up the home of a Beauty and the Beast fan.

Most of what oandhdesign offers is housewares and home decor and their stunning product would allow a would-be Belle to fold some of the elements of the Beast’s castle into their homelife. The colours are bright and warm and welcoming in a way that says nothing short of Be Our Guest. The variety of products can be acquired at a very reasonable price and, hopefully, bring a touch of a whimsy into geeky day-to-day life.

Approximate price range: $4.99+

I hope you find a collection of singular Beauty and the Beast merchandise from this list from either yourself or a special person in your life. If you do pick anything up, let me know in the comment section below – or if you have any other sweet shops that you would like see featured on Chic Geek in the future, please share them in the comment section as well.

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