This past week’s episodes of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’ featured a musical crossover, showcasing the singing skills of the two stars as well as some astounding work from the secondary characters.  (Who knew that Carlos Valdez had such a voice?  Probably a lot of you, but *I* didn’t…)  It got me thinking about musical episodes in general, flashing back to Buffy’s ‘Once More With Feeling’ and the perfect musical episode of Gilligan where they seamlessly blended ‘Carmen’ with ‘Hamlet.’  There are a number of casts that I wish I could see in full-on singing, dancing frenzy (old-school Star Trek, for instance, is in need of a musical episode in the worst way), leading to today’s fully choreographed query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “on-DON-tay”) would also enjoy seeing The Tenth Doctor, Captain Jack and Rose singing it up in the TARDIS, asking: Which of your favorite pop-culture worlds is MOST in need of a musical interlude?


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  1. I’m honestly a little surprised there hasn’t been a Doctor Who musical episode. There are enough plausible reasons for it to happen within the scope of the series mythology, anything from a race that communicates musically to a glitch in the TARDIS telepathic translation field to psychic dream monsters (like the ones in the Christmas special with Santa). And it isn’t like they don’t have people who could write good songs, just look at “My Angel Put the Devil in Me” from the episode “Daleks in Manhattan” (and again in Jack’s scene in a space bar “The End of Time”).

    Even if they use the cheesiest excuse, it would still be a fun episode just for how ridiculous it would be.

  2. Agents of Shield. When Shield and Hydra face off, I can see a musical number like the Jets vs Sharks from West Side Story. Imagine Coulson dancing while snapping his fingers…

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