This week’s trade paperback review reminded me of the movies and comics of the 1980s: The Blade Runners, Terminators and other dark crapsack visions of the future world gone bad.  For some reason, there was no way to picture a future that didn’t have clouds of smog and terrible people plotting to kill you at every turn in those days, which may say something profound about that time.  Of course, bad futures are nothing new, as Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ will clearly demonstrate, leading us to today’s future noir depressing query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is a huge fan of ‘The Obsolete Man’, one of the more effect Twilight Zones (with Burgess Meredith!), asking: What’s the most depressing fictional future world of all?


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  1. Probably Metropolis, in a sense that its soon 100 years and we still haven’t advanced past the point where that film is still as relevant as when it was released.

  2. The World of Logan’s Run (the movie). To have to end such a fun life at age 30! Or run and risk being frozen by a food-storing robot. (Which leads you to wonder what exactly the citizens were eating in those days…)

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