The fourth, and some say the most important Superfight kicks off this week. The two contestants entering the ring could be the greatest fighters of all time, or they could be the worst. It is up to you to decide who wins (and who goes on to the next round) in this week’s Major Spoilers Poll of the Week!


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  1. I was momentarily confused by this poll, but a quick google search has informed me that both Afro Samurai and The Future Gadget Laboratory are products of popular Japanese animation productions. I am not an anime fan, so I am going to go with my gut instincts on this one and see where that takes me. Afro Samurais are the latest rage (I imagine) in high end New York City hair boutiques. First the beautician applies the permanent curls to your hair, picking it into a beautiful ‘70s style afro, then the classically trained samurai stylist arrives. Pulling out his swords, he is able to produce hairstyles that would make Kid n Play jealous. Afro Samurai stylings become so in vogue, that soon calls are coming in from across the globe. One such call comes from the Scottish Highlands where a wealthy landowner has spent the better part of the last decade restoring a castle to be used as his home and laboratory. His son fancies himself to be the next vanilla ice, and therefore requires a top-notch hairstyle to go along with his new career. When the Afro Samurai arrives, something in his ancient samurai weapon sets off vibrations within the fundamental undercurrent of the ancient castle causing the stylist’s soul to be sucked out of his body, into a suit of armor on display in the grand hall. Seeing his own body collapse, the Afro Samurai is beside himself with anguish and takes up the sword from his inert body, vowing vengeance against those who called him there. The members of the Future Gadget Laboratory, which is located in the bowels of the restored castle, the dungeons as it were, have been hard at work trying to perfect Gundam technology. Professor Grawlshank is working with his now teenage genius daughters Maddy and Minnie, putting the finishing touches on their most recent suits when the mail with the soul of a beautician crashes through the door to the lab. Not knowing what else to do, the trio crawl into the suits, activating their defense mechanisms, hoping to ride out the attacks of the possessed plate mail. Maddy, always the adventurous one, decides that this would be the perfect opportunity to see what these things can do, and after throwing a couple of switches, she is able to not only bring her suit online, but also activate the other two suits. One of the emergency overrides also gives full control of all three suits to the rambunctious young lady who uses the full power of the three suits to subdue the hairdresser without causing too much damage to the lab. While the answer to this poll has become very clear, what is not clear is what will become of the poor stylist? Will the Grawlshanks be able to return his spirit to his body? Will Maddy use the new Gundam suits to perform great deeds, or will the intoxication of power be too much for her to overcome? Maybe we will find out next week.

    • Of course, I missed the fact that this needs to take place in Future Tokyo, but that doesn’t change my answer. In fact, it makes more sense for the twins to be more than a decade older than when we last encountered them. With Japanese culture (thus the Gundam project) having taken over the world, it would make sense that while original Tokyo is on the Japanese islands, Future Tokyo is in Great Britain. The Grawlshank’s castle is just on the outskirts of Future Tokyo.

  2. Definitely afro Samurai. We know Samurai jack can take down robots of all size, shape and number, so any Samurai voiced by Sam Jackson is going to be even better.

  3. While I’m no expert on Gundam, I’m not aware of any Gundam that need more than a person or two to pilot, so I presume the Gundam would be piloted by one of the Future Gadget Laboratory members while the others sit by them giving advice, and with their combined nerd knowledge they’d be able to figure out how to work it. I don’t know Afro Samurai’s full capabilities, but most Gundams are really, really big and presuming the suit of armor Afro Samurai is trapped in is the same kind as Al’s, it’s going to limit his freedom of movement to some extent, so I’m going with Future Gadget Laboratories in a Gundam.

  4. Also, perveted humor is almost ubiquitous with anime, but obviously to varying degrees, so just because an anime comes with the caveats like Steven said for Steins;Gate doesn’t mean it’s prominent in it.

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