The recent Spider-Verse crossover brought together dozens, perhaps hundreds of Spider-totems from throughout the multiverse, including cartoon, video game and one-shot, long-forgotten Spider-Men.  My personal fave-rave, for reasons both historical and kickassical, is Japanese Spider-Man, Takuya Yamashiro, whose powers come from hell, just like Tenacious D.  (He’s also the reason why Super Sentai has giant robots, but that’s another story.)  Still, I have to admit, seeing so many Spidery types together got me thinking about the Faithful Spoilerites’ favorite Spider-Man, leading to today’s radioactive-spider-blood query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) doesn’t know if they still use the Earth-616 designation, asking: Which Spider-Man/Woman/Child/Robot (who is NOT the prime universe Peter Parker) is your favorite Spider-Man?


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  1. Tie between Takuya Yamashiro and Miguel O’Hara.

    But if I include a version of Peter who isn’t the main Marvel U version, I also have to mention the symbiote bonded skeleton of Peter from the What If? story “Secret Wars: 25 Years Later”. I just thought that was pretty messed up and would have loved to see his story expanded.

  2. You are going to dislike me for this one… but The superior spiderman was fantastic. doc ock is very much not peter parker while playing him and I felt the layer of depth of him trying to do the right thing was while still being a arrogant heel was the freshest take I had seen that felt solid in along time (since 2099).

    The fact that he got his “stuff” together and made being a spiderman work for him to the extent that real peter is in better place now for doc having “killed” him.

  3. I would have to say Miles Morales for me. I didn’t get a chance to read a ton of his earlier stories, but I’ve been loving what he’s doing in The Champions a lot.

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