For many people, Christopher Reeve will always be Superman.  For others, it’s George Reeves.  There’s even a contingent of weirdos who make the argument for Dean Cain, but you can’t trust those people, they probably quote Urkel.  When it comes to live-action adaptations of the comics we love, your humble MS-QOTD tends to be very hard to please; Adrienne Palicki never felt like Wonder Woman to me, so part of me doesn’t lament that her pilot didn’t go to series.  On the other hand, a few of the big screen heroes of recent years haven’t quite gelled for me either, not mentioning any names called Spider-Man, leading to today’s cattle call query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would have said Hemsworth’s Thor before I encountered Melissa Benoist’s interpretation of Supergirl, asking: What’s the most perfect casting in a live-action comic adaptation?


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  1. Dolph Lundgren as He-Man. Not a great actor, but great He-Man likeness. I know its a cartoon, but comic book was out too way before the movie.

  2. Christopher Reeve was a pretty good Superman and Dean Cain was great as Clark Kent (although not so much as Superman). I also liked both Teri Hatcher and Erica Durance as Lois Lane. That said, while I like the Supergirl series I would never cast Melissa Benoist in a million years. TBH, none of the casting choices for the series have worked for me, except maybe Calista Flockhart’s take on Cat Grant.

  3. Despite the rather craptacular film, I actually though Ryan Reynolds was a pretty decent choice to play Hal Jordan. I blame the movie being bad not on him, but on other factors (script story, plot and visual effects choices, for example).

    And I can’t forget Christopher Reeve, because he filled out the roles of Superman and Clark so spectacularly. I loved how he conveyed all the little mannerisms that said “These are two different people”, with Clark being clumsy and a bit fidgety, while Superman was very confident. It was like seeing the comics leap off the page in a way that hasn’t really been recaptured in TV or film since (although there are a few close calls).

  4. No one mentioned Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? The man worked hard for the role and to make the movie and he was the best choice for the character.

    Also worth noting: Robert Downing Jr. as Iron Man. Although, in the case of RBJ, the character of Iron Man was subsequently written to more closely resemble his performance of Tony Stark.

    Most of the recent Marvel Movie’s Cast should be mentioned. I can’t see anyone other than Chris Evans playing Captain America now.

    Of course the best, most perfect choice for a character would have to be Samuel L. Jackson. The character was re-imaged in his likeness for the Ultimate series.

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