This year, thanks to the grinding engines of payday, our Christmas/Chanukkah/Whatever shopping fell late across the month of December, leading to Widget and I being out as late as this Thursday picking up our last gift-giving options.  Of course, this gave us a chance to talk like people instead of parent-telling-daughter-to-check-her-damn-blood-sugar-already, leading to a proud moment for me, as she remarked how she now likes giving gifts better than receiving them.  She’s always liked wrapping presents, even at the age of four, where she took things we already owned and hid them, wrapped, under the tree, but I have to admit it was nice to hear her excited about finding the right presents for mom and her friends, leading to today’s holiday query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds you that the greatest gift of all is the friends we made along the way, blah blah blah fishcakes, asking: What’s the coolest gift you ever gave and/or got?


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  1. My nephew. So he’s not technically my present, but I love that kid more than anything and the first time I saw him was his first Christmas, just a little over a month after he was born. And this Christmas Eve when they came by, we were inseparable. If I left the room without him, he panicked. When I went in the back to grab a brownie for him, he came running back with a worried expression and said “I lost you!”.

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