This weekend promises comma with ice and snow and blowing sleet and the glayven…  Still, it’s Kansas in winter, so it could be much worse: At least I’m accustomed to such conditions.  For me, ice and snow aren’t the worst weather conditions, as we also have a large and variegated to tornado season, leading to today’s meteorological query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would rather be cold than hot, but still hates fog, thanks to Stephen King, asking: Which weather is the worst weather for you?


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  1. Long sunny and hot days. I’ve got health issues including thyroid troubles and sensitivity to light, so that is the absolute worst weather for me.

    Tornadoes I’m quite used to (still scary, but I’m used to them the way some people in California shrug off Earthquakes that would terrify people who never experienced them before), and while damp weather does cause me plenty of pain, they just don’t compare to the sheer awfulness I feel when I’m overheated and/or out in the bright light for extended periods of time. I’ve never had to go to the hospital for pain from dampness, but I’ve been hospitalized just from being outside for a short while, doing very little to exert myself and getting overheated.

    It is very, very frustrating. I’m thankful I’m not as bad as those people who can’t be exposed to sunlight period, but I can’t go out and do things with friends on summer days or risk possibly spending several days in the hospital. I would love to be able to go fishing on a hot summer day and not worry about passing out from simply sitting there holding a pole.

  2. Zero Celsius slush up to halfway to your shin with more coming sideways towards you. That’s late November in here. I’d rather take any amount of cold or heat than that.

  3. Snow that doesn’t stay! Being a Seattlite we get snow but it’s immediately rained away, so sad!
    and Wind, wind can stuff it.

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