In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: Someone has been a part of the party and hasn’t told the party everything they need to know.

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NOTE: Rodrigo had horrible Internet issues this week which does affect the overall quality of his audio.

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  1. The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

    Aaaaaah! That was an amazing episode. I really love it when Rob’s confident-tactician side comes fully to the fore.

    Season-enders always get me so melancholy. No matter how long a season has been going on, no matter how ready I am for a storyline to wrap up, no matter how epic the conclusions get, there’s always just something really heartbreaking about coming to the end of a good story.

    • The Queen's Obedient Cousin on

      Given that she’s a secret agent for a secret organization fighting ridiculously powerful and evil entities, I’m guessing trust issues are not new for her. But I really felt for her in this episode, given that she seemed to see Tekiotl as a kind of little-brother figure. Which seems especially significant for her given that she lost her own brother, and that she blames herself for that. And man, Tekiotl certainly could have been gentler about breaking the news than “You seem like a nice person,” which is just the most limp, removed acknowledgement of their relationship possible. What a lying bastard.

  2. That was an amazing episode. I’m guessing next week is the wrap up? I can’t wait to see how rodrigo is going to tie it all together.

  3. Frederick Pagliarulo on

    So much to say about this episode, I don’t know where to begin!

    First off, Orem has unleashed some powers we haven’t seen before, which is exciting. He’s an even more badass wizard now! Unleashing the juggernaut was pretty cool.

    As for Tekiotl, I think he answered a question I’ve had for some time now, which was what the nature of Capricorn’s religion. From what I got out of this episode was that Capricorn appropriated the religious rituals of four of the gods, allowing their agents to basically become clerics, paladins, avengers, etc. Therefore, this implies an important point about the gods and religion in the world of Critical Hit, which is that obtaining religious power does not require faith. I had assumed that was a primary requirement. It also implies to me that the gods are basically just super-powerful beings, and not all-powerful creators of everything. I guess that has been implied before, but this seems to confirm it.

    Tekiotl also stated that things were not all that great in the Astral Sea, but none of the players followed up on that. I was very disappointed because I’m dying to know what is going on with Erathis, Asmodeus, Lolth, and the Raven Queen,oops, I mean the Obsidian Huntress. It would seem that those would be most effected by the Void War anyway. I hope we find out next season.

    Finally, the revelation of Capricorn’s religious nature blew my cockamamie theory out of the water. My theory was that Capricorn was a new religion accidentally created by Sir Brenzin when he unleashed the fiery death angels using the triscallion (sp?), because all of that happened in the area of the Astral Sea called the Sea of Capricorn. I was hoping that during the adventure through time with Randus, he actually became a god of this new religion or something. All of this was a real stretch of course, and debunked by numerous other details already revealed, but a clung to hope. Sadly, I actually only made this connection when in one of my many listens to Celestial Crusade, Brian accidentally called it “Crapricorn”!

    Anyway, I’m going to be sad when this season ends, because I’m looking forward to more of this story, Thank you!

  4. Simonsimonforyou on

    Is the wrap up really next week? I’ve no clue how everything could wrap up already, but definitely looking forward to it.

  5. Calleigh Mentzer-Tootle on

    Wrap-up?! You’re kidding right? This is the mid-season turning point where something either goes horribly wrong or changes completely for the second half of the season. The first two season, which together make the first story arc, had the change when they jumped to the Moon. The third season when the party split and got onto separate boats. The fourth season when Spud took control of the Lords of the Feywild and became The Lord of the the Feywild. I’m betting Teki turns on them somehow. He’s disappeared after all.

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