Though I usually don’t watch the show known as TTG (full name obscured so as not to upset a couple of notable Spoilerites), I recently saw them announcing a birthday celebration for Garfield Logan, aka Beast Boy.  It’s interesting to see that BB has been a teenager since November of ’65, meaning he’s been 16 for over 50 years now.  Nightwing was allowed to outgrow his past as a quippy 8-year-old, Peter Parker grew up to teach school, but since his existence seems predicated on being a teenager forever, Gar may never be an adult, leading to today’s adolescent query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) feels bad for Franklin Richards, who will probably never get kissing age at all, asking: What fictional character must remain a teenager forever in your mind?


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  1. Daniel Langsdale on

    Achilles. Since the whole pathos of his story comes from choosing either to live a long life of obscurity or to gain glory and die young, having him grow older would undercut his story fairly thoroughly.

  2. Ben Tennyson. Much as I enjoyed the few glimpses into his future, they were fun because it was gimmicky. A lot of the appeal of the character to me is that he is this bratty kid with a super powerful tool/weapon attached to him rather than being some responsible kid or adult who uses it maturely. Even as he matured in the course of the series, he still retained some form of immaturity (like when he let the ego of being the savior of the world go to his head). It also made when he DOES use whatever version of the Omnitrix he has maturely that much more significant.

    And while not a specific person, I think the mantle of Robin should always be with a teenager. Thankfully, DC seems to think so too as Dick evolved to Nightwing and Tim became Red Robin, but the sentiment still stands.

  3. The Legion of Super-Heroes. Part of what made them cool was that although they were teens, they didn’t need an adult to supervise them.

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