Major Spoilers EIC Stephen and I disagree on Karate Kid II (the movie, not Myg of Lythl): I think it should have been the final film of series, he thinks it’s a stupid  soundstage mistake of a movie.  Disagreements with Stephen notwithstanding, it’s not the first time I’ve wished that a particular story were not a false ending: The X-Men’s 1988 death in Dallas should have stuck; Dick Grayson should have stayed Batman to honor his dead adoptive dad; Kevin James should never have returned to TV.  There are endless moments where our stories could have ended beautifully, but instead chugged on to dilute their legacy, leading to today’s penultimate query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) also wishes that ‘Gilligan’s Island’ ended at the end of “Rescue From Gilligan’s Island”, Globetrotters be damned, asking: Which false ending do you most wish were the real ending?


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  1. Batman should really have died to heart attack in TDKR. You can’t get more cynical than that story anyway, why not go for a downer ending too? Well, I actually know the answer but still…

  2. Even though it felt wrong at times, the second Mighty Ducks film, D2, could have been the clincher. The Ducks were ‘world’ champs! Boo, Iceland!

    Was there really a need to make D3, and have these champs become a prep school JV team??

  3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl. There was absolutely no need to turn this film into a franchise. The first film was well paced, fun, and funny. The sequel films have all felt sloppy and forced by comparison.

  4. The original Highlander movie. While I do love the TV series, Highlander: Endgame and the anime film, pretty much every other Highlander continuation has been horrific. Seems astounding that something as enjoyable as the first Highlander movie can be connected to entries as terrible as Highlander 2 or Highlander: The Source.

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