This past week, we were teased with a new game system from Nintendo. The Switch promises to be the best of the Wii, WiiU and 3DS combined into one system. Little is known (as of this post) of the price point, battery life, games available on launch, but the hype engine has a lot of people excited about this new gaming system that arrives in March 2017.


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  1. I voted yes, and I likely will get one, but it won’t be immediately on release. I don’t get new consoles very often since I have a lot of medical bills and other things eating at my funds (before my 2DS I got during a big sale, the last console I bought was a PS2, so that should say how rare it is I get something like this), and I had planned to get a Wii U at some point, but I may skip it in favor of this one. But it won’t be until at least next year’s Black Friday at the soonest, and more than likely even later than that.

    However, this all depends on if there are games I find appealing. I’m almost positive there will be, but you never know.

  2. The moment I saw the first footage from “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” I decided I’d buy Nintendo’s next system so yes. I’m pretty sure I’ll only use it as a home system though (I already one a 3DS). And if anyone’s wondering, no, I don’t own or intend to buy a Wii U.

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