Hermes Press has a new collection of classic comics on the way. The publisher announced Walt Kelly’s The Adventures of Peter Wheat will arrive in January 2017.

peter_what_cover_promo_1dbb982f-7e1e-42db-a3d9-314f53c22b14Walt Kelly’s Peter Wheat comics are renowned for their humor, artistic flair and appeal to both children and adults. The Peter Wheat comic books are extremely hard to find and have never been collected as a series before, due to their scarcity and rarity. Between 1948 and 1951, Kelly drew thirty-five issues of The Adventures of Peter Wheat, a sixteen page comic book given away to bakeries to promote Peter Wheat bread. The stories were fairy tales starring Peter Wheat, an elf-sized boy who lived in a hollow tree on the edge of a wheat field where he and the Little Folk battle Dragonel, Queen of the Hornets.

The Hermes Press collection features the first 16 issues of the series. Walt Kelly’s Peter Wheat is scheduled to arrive in stores in January 2017, and has a cover price of $34.99.

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  1. Hi- I’m with Hermes Press; just a quick clarification- the book is going to print in January, it’s not going to be available until early March because it has to be printed and shipped to the United States. Thanks!

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