It’s one of the big questions of comics, indeed of any pop culture: Is it better to be fast or strong?  Professional wrestling in the modern era is pretty much an ongoing conversation about this comparison of strength or speed, and a strong argument can be made that ‘Batman V Superman’ is, on some level, a rumination on the the question as well.  On the one hand, power is compelling, but what good will it be if your target is too quick to hit?  It is, as a certain King was heard to say, a puzzlement, leading to today’s dichotomous query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is always torn on this one, as I tend to gravitate to characters of physical power, but would totally choose super-speed as my one super-power,  asking: If you had to choose one or the other as your power, would it be strength or speed?


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  1. Strength. I’m not too crazy about speed to begin with, but I also feel I could do more useful things with strength (moving cars in an accident to reach victims, breaking down doors to rescue hostages, etc).

    Plus, I could finally move the couch to clean under/behind it without injuring myself.

  2. Force = Mass * Acceleration

    Speed give you strength if you go fast enough! But I’d like all the secondary powers that go with it too, or both would kinda suck.

  3. I prefer speed myself, both as a superpower of choice and in a mundane fighty-matchup. A fight with one or more agile combatants tends to be more dynamic than one between two juggernauts and thus entertains me more. (Has the Juggernaut ever fought himself by the way?)

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