Sometimes it takes a little while for good comics from other countries to work their ways into the United States. Such is the case with Northguard, a comic featuring a Canadian hero with ties to Captain Canuck.

Writer: Anthony Falcone
Artists: Ron Salas and Eric Kim
Published by: Chapterhouse Comics
Cover price: $3.99

Previously in NORTHGUARD: Northguard further investigates the deadly Aurora Dawn, but an unexpected obstacle gets in his way: Kebec! It’s spy vs. sniper in a fight to the finish!


So, just who is Northguard, anyway?

Much like Captain Canuck, Northguard was developed in the mid-80’s as a Canadian superhero. You could pretty easily tell that from his costume. His real name then and now is Philip Wise, a young Montreal resident of European Jewish ancestry who was recruited as a field agent due to the murder of another operative, the only one neurologically equipped to use a unique energy weapon.

In this new series, he’s working for the Canadian government, and they send him on his missions, determining if he needs to act or simply observe. Captain Canuck is something of a renegade to them, not answering to the people Northguard does.

In the first issue of this series, Philip is sent in to infiltrate an organization that believes (or at least, says they do) that aliens are coming to the planet soon. They hold meetings to cleanse their group of people who don’t believe. They burn them.

Northguard is discovered in the first issue and must take on a powerhouse who believes in what Aurora Dawn is selling. He gets away, but not necessarily in heroic fashion.

In this second book, he again is sent to observe the group, but sees a chance to take them down, which he begins to implement. However, Kebec, a woman agent from Canuck’s part of the world. Yvette Arsenault served with Tom Evans (Captain Canuck) and gained her nickname for constantly correcting others on their pronunciation of Quebec. She’s a well-trained and very talented marksman.

The two tangle near Aurora Dawn’s hidey-hole as Kebec wants the armor Northguard wears. He’s not going to give it up, of course, so they have at it until they’re discovered and captured.

Things resolve when Kebec realizes Philip has saved her life, and they find a way out of the camp. It’s good superhero action and adventure, the way I like it.

One entertaining person is the American CIA agent who works with Northguard. His constant attempts to


For a superhero comic, Northguard’s art is pretty stable. The action is done well, the facial expressions are pretty good. The story was told well.

At times, though, the art is a little rough around the edges – incomplete here or there, some pieces not quite together. I realize it’s for effect, but that did give me pause a few times as I read the story. I’m sure it will improve as the book moves forward.


The toughest part about getting paper copies of these Canadian comics is that they’re slow to arrive here. Digitally, it’s much easier, and that may be the way I go in the future.

It’s a fun, enjoyable, action-oriented story. Granted, most people come out of all this scot-free, but that’s the superhero biz! I’m interested in what they’ll do next!

Northguard #2


Canada Superheroics

It’s a fun, enjoyable action-oriented story.

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