This week, one of those periodic nerd discussions erupted, leading to a strange realization: My favorite superhero (meaning “one whose adventures I am most wanting to see more of”) right now seems to be a tie between TV Supergirl and Garnet from ‘Steven Universe.’  Aside from my preference for superhuman strength and the influence of having a twelve-year-old girl in the middle of my pop culture life, I really enjoy the outlook of both characters, the performances of the actors involved, and both heroes’ gradual evolution, something that is often missing in modern comic books.  Of course, it makes it even harder for me to avoid using “heroine”, an awful, gendered, stupid word which I think is truly gross, leading to today’s numero uno query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will also brook no silliness as to whether Garnet, who has super-powers, a costume, a mask and whose secret identity was a minor focus of the entire first season, counts as a superhero, asking: Which character is your favorite superhero or heroine right this instant?


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  1. It changes almost daily. At this moment its probably Ultraman Orb, because I just started to watch that show.

  2. Frederick Pagliarulo on

    I’ve always been just a casual fan of the superhero genre, so I only have a limited scope of those that I really know more than the basics. Listening to the Major Spoilers Podcast and Geek History Lessons have certainly opened up some doors. Since the recent BvS movie I’ve been particularly interested in Wonder Woman. I only knew her from the Superfirends cartoon, which never really showed how powerful she really is, so I was pleasantly surprised that she was such a force in that movie. I’m looking forward to her solo film.
    I’m also partial to Squirrel Girl, Spider Gwen, and the X-Men’s Phoenix.

  3. Out of pop culture characters, I’m pretty excited by Ultraman X (Haven’t gotten to Ultraman Orb yet), Kamen Rider Ghost, The Flash (the CW series version) and Spider-Man (both the old Japanese TV series version and the animated “Ultimate Spider-Man” version).

    But since you said “which character” and not specifying it had to be a known pop culture character… I’m obviously heavily biased as I’m the one writing them, but I’m really quite taken with two characters I created for the original story I’m currently working on. They are both something of a cross between Japanese superheroes and traditional comic book superheroes with influences of the biopunk and cyberpunk genres. One is a little naive (and perhaps a bit delusional) and tries to do things the way his favorite comic book heroes might, but the other is more jaded and operates as a ruthless vigilante.

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