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  1. Write in for Nathan Fillion. I like Ash and Commander Riker, but can’t see them as The Doctor. Dempsey just shouldn’t be here.

    • The reason why Nathan Fillion wasn’t included is because I honestly don’t think of him as the Doctor type – I see him more like a Starbuck (original Dirk Benedict), he’s just “too cool” to be the Doctor in my opinion.

  2. Where is the `None of the above`button
    I second the Nathan Fillion vote.He would make a far better Doctor than any of these.

  3. Gotta say no clear winner here. By process of elimination however, Dempsey’s really not that great of an actor. Medical dramas are basically the primetime equivalent of soaps, he mainly gets by on his looks. And while I love Bruce Campbell, he’s pretty much always Bruce Campbell (or Elvis) in any role he plays. That leaves Frakes as the least worst option. Might even be fun, he’s done some good stuff in his audio work.

    No change the question to who would be the best companion… Bruce Campbell all the way. Ash, Sam Ax, Brisco County Jr, Jack Stiles, Autolycus King of Thieves, Old Elvis. Best Companion Ever.

  4. Bruce Campbell seems like the least worst option here. I’d be interested in seeing Frakes as a guest director though

  5. This is a tough one, I think Bruce would be a great Doctor, but perhaps a bit too self aware in his wackiness. Frakes on the other hand I think could be quirky when needed, but still bring a good amount of seriousness to the role as well. I think I’m going to have to go with Frakes, as long he can learn to walk through doors normally.

  6. I think Bruce is just as looney and as Diverse as you need for someone to play the doctor. Plus we can see more America and more locations crop up in our DOCTOR WHO!

  7. None are my ideal candidate, but Campbell comes very, very close.

    But if they decided to make a season where The Doctor becomes The Valeyard, I think Frakes could do that role justice. Not that Campbell couldn’t pull it off, I just think Campbell would be better as a quirky Doctor rather than an evil incarnation.

  8. I feel we already have an inferior version of Doctor Who on TV. Its called Legends of Tomorrow. Instead of a TARDIS the CW gives us a super fancy and chatting ship, that looks coooool. But has none of the personality and originality we see in a TARDIS. Instead of a Doctor we get a cowboy with a gun out for revenge. Instead of companions who think their way out of a situation, we get….well, you know what we get. Instead of dickish time lords, we get Time MASTERS who are just as dickish, just without cool accents.

  9. To All – I submitted this as a JOKE POLL… it was suppose to be a funny establishment of past doctors (all white dudes) and people who could in no way shape or form be considered BRITISH!

    Lighten up everyone – Have FUN with the polls of the week!

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