Given the unusual stress levels of my day job, I tend to spend my off time with my family and/or with old friends, folks like Tom, Jerry, Arnold, Willis and Ted Mosby.  (That is to say, I tend to have my TV on as video wallpaper to keep my brain from burning a hole in the fabric of spacetime through which I might fall and have to battle the Anti-Monitor.)  This weekend’s far included the thirty-minute epic examination of the best burger in New York City (How I Met Your Mother, S4E2, ‘The Best Burger In New York’), leaving me with a taste for a hamburger.  ‘Course, having had most of the burgers that my friends claim to be the best, I haven’t always been impressed, leading to today’s ‘Don’t-write-when-you’re-hangry’ query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is more gourmand than gourmet, and occasionally craves a McDonald’s McDouble with the dried onion bits, asking: What’s the Best Burger in the world to YOU?


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  1. For a sit down and eat with utensils “burger”, I like Horseshoes/Ponyshoes. It is basically a classic burger and fries meal all-in-one. You’ve got a bun or toast or whatever (depends where you get it), then the burger patty (or multiple), then fries and cover it all in cheese sauce.

    For quick fast food burgers, I’m torn between Culver’s and Wendy’s. Culver’s Butterburgers are quite tasty, and Wendy’s has The Baconator, so it is a tough call.

  2. Malone_hasco on

    I know very little about burgers. But what I know is that best ones aren’t in any place I know the name of beforehand.

  3. Holsteins in Las Vegas.. @mitzula took a bunch of us there a few years ago and it was the best hamburger and shake I’ve ever had. Better than any fast food restaurant (sorry In-n-Out Burger, but it is true).

  4. Gilberto Nieves on

    the best burger I ever had was from franchise fast food restaurant by the name of Joe’s Best Burger, man oh man, my mouth’s watering just thinking about it. Joe’s had the best quality of ingredients, ranging from the fresh lettuce and tomatoes to the soft buns to the juicy beef patties and hot melty cheese, it was always melted oozing on the burger. unfortunately, they are currently closed due to locale problems as well as the fact that their publicity machine was virtually non existent. but I swear my devotion to them. I’ve had Shake Shack, Smash burgers, Checkers, Burger King, White Castle and McDonald’s and none of them come close to the flavor and freshness of Joe’s, here’s hoping they make a comeback sooner than later.

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