When it comes to pouring out your troubles to complete strangers, media has taught us that the local bartender is the best person for the job. They listen to your woes, offer sage advice, and send you on your way, into the dark of the night, hopefully in a better place than you were when you walked in, and hopefully not too intoxicated.


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  1. Frederick Pagliarulo on

    I voted for Al Swearengen of f’n Deadwood, because he was one of the best characters on one of the greatest shows of all time. It’s a shame it only lasted 3 seasons before they (BLEEP)ing cancelled it! (BLEEP)(BLEEP)ers!

  2. Guinan was the wisest person in the Universe! And played by Whoppi Goldberg, so seriously, come on! Who the heck would trust Quark and frankly as a woman I can’t trust Sam. I didn’t watch enough Deadwood to glom onto Al… so there we go Guinan all the way!!

  3. Other. Sam Malone was pretty good, but he spent too much time in the back office with his shenanigans.
    Woody Boyd for the win!

  4. Come on now, anyone who has ever seen an episode of How I Met Your Mother has to say that the best bartender is Carl the Bartender. It is right there in his name.

  5. Daniel Langsdale on

    Quark knows that a happy customer spends more latinum, so you can bet he wants to keep his customers happy & knows how to do it.

  6. Guinan, She totally stole of of Troi’s clients away from her. Guinan was there pouring beer and giving advice and Troi just sat in her office eating sundays and wondering when her mom was going to show up again

  7. Other: Mac the Bartender from the Dresden Files. A man of few words, he has the mysterious past, the advice, and the guts to stare down all of the supernatural craziness, and brew his own beer.

  8. Nicholas Kelly on

    Because I’ve never watched any of these shows I’m going to have to go with Xander Harris from Buffy the vampire slayer season 4. Sure he didn’t stay a bartender but he did listen to anyone’s problems if they would tell him and that’s all I can ever really ask of a bartender if I ever drank.

    Anyway thanks for the content I know my dad listens to this show every week so shout out to all the dads that get stuck in traffic and listen to podcasts in their car. Hope you guys are having a good week.

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