The DC Rebirth panel just wrapped, and if you watched the live stream there was certainly a lot to take in. Here’s a rundown of our big takeaways from the event.

Over 10,000 viewers watched this event online, and it was certainly a big deal, as DC President Diane Nelson was on hand to show her support for the initiative.

  • Dan DiDio saying somewhere along the way we lost our way…
  • Originally the plan was to end 52 with the #52 issues, as many of us thought, however according to Geoff Johns, this is not a reboot, it is a rebirth, a new chapter in the DC saga.
  • DC Rebirth will be an 80-page one-shot arriving in May. It will return a lot of characters to the DCU, and maybe kill off one.
  • Jim Lee admits they went a little too far with the New 52 costumes, and are dialing it back a bit for Rebirth.
  • As previously mentioned, DC Comics will have 17 twice monthly books and 14 monthly books. The price will come down to $2.99 across the line (again). This includes Rebirth Special #1


  • Tom King is the new writer on Batman, with David Finch and Mikel Janin on art. How will Batman push past the madness?
  • James Tynion IV will write Detective Comics, with Eddy Barrows and Alvaro Martinez on art. This will be a twice a month comic. According to James, this will be the Batman team book you’ve been waiting for your entire life. Spoiler, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Clayface, Batman, and Batwoman will make up the team. WHO IS FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT SPOILER AND CASSANDRA CAIN!?
  • Tim Seeley will write Nightwing with Javi Fernandez and Marcus To on art. Everyone likes the blue and black suit. Better than Batman is the title of the story. Controversial? Maybe…
  • Hope Larson will write Batgirl with Rafael Albuquerque. The first issue arrives on July 13th. She will be leaving Burnside and head on a backpacking trip to Asia. No lie… honest.
  • Julie Benson and Shawna Benson will work on Batgirl and the Birds of Prey beginning in August. Claire Rae will provide the art. The first issue, arriving in August has Barbara Gordon tracking down the person pretending to be Oracle.
  • Scott Snyder and John Romita, Jr. will take on All-Star Batman. This is a twice monthly book beginning in August. Scott will feature, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, and more taking on Batman and Two-Face. There will be a redesign on the villains. Jr. Jr. says it is like the Defiant Ones with Batman and Two-Face driving across the country. Snyder says Two-Face will be as scary as The Joker.
  • Scott Snyder is now exclusive at DC Comics.

Superman and Wonder Woman

  • Dan Jurgens will write Action Comics with Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham, and Stephen Segovia as the artist. It will be a twice monthly comic beginning in June. Lex Luthor does become a Superman… soon.  The first story line will be called “Path of Doom.” Action Comics will pick up with issue #957. There is a new Clark Kent and a new Superman, and Lex Luthor is trying to figure it all out.
  • Gene Yang will write The Super-Man with artist Viktor Bogdanovic. Superman is the embodiment of a universal ideal. Superman will be viewed through the context of Chinese culture. Kenji will be infused with Superman’s powers, that affect him physically and in his heart.
  • Steve Orlando will write Supergirl, with Brian Ching on art. It will begin in September as a monthly book. There’s an awesome looking costume. Cyborg Superman returns in “The Cyborg Supermen” with Kara discovering Cyborg Superman is her father… WHAT!?
  • Trinity written by Francis Manapul with Clay Mann begins in September.
  • Superwoman written and drawn by Phil Jimenez arrives in August as a new monthly title.
  • Superman will be written by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, with Art by Gleason and Doug Mahnke. Begins a twice monthly run in June.
  • Liam Sharp will provide the art for  Wonder Woman, and he says it is “the best work of his career.” Wonder Woman will be written by none other than Greg Rucka! Wonder Woman kicks off in June as a twice monthly book. Nicola Scott will also be providing art for the series.  There are two consecutive stories that will be running simultaneously. Liam will art the contemporary tale in the odd-numbered issues, with Scott providing the art for the even-numbered issues that will focus on Wonder Woman: Year One. I really like this idea of telling the story in the evens and odds.

Justice League

  • Bryan Hitch, Tony Daniel and Fernando Pascarin will kick off the twice monthly Justice League title in July. Two rookie Green Lantern’s join the superhero team – Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz.
  • Flash will also be a twice a month book written by Joshua Williamson, with art by Carmine Di Giandomenico and Neil Googe. A Speed Force storm shows up over Central City with dozens of new speedsters appearing. Barry will be tasked with training them, or taking them down. Godspeed will become a killer, and looks to be the new Zoom. There will be a Flash: Rebirth special that arrives ahead of this series.
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps written by Robert Venditti, with art by Ethan Van Sciver and Rafa Sandoval kicks off its twice monthly run in July. What happens after Sinestro parks War World in the middle of the universe? Sounds interesting.
  • Sam Humphries moves from Marvel to DC to take on Green Lanterns, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz with Robson Rocha and Ardian Syaf.  They will be the new Green Lanterns of Earth. Humphries brings all of the Red Lanterns down on their heads. The first arc will be called Red Dawn… that comes after Blackest Night, right?
  • Cyborg will be written by John Semper with art by Will Conrad and Paul Pelletier. The keyword used to promote this series? Soul. Is he more machine than human or more human than machine?
  • Aquaman will be written by Dan Abnett, Brad Walker, with art by Walker, Jesus Merino and Phil Briones. Aquaman’s twice monthly run begins in June. Rise of the Seven Seas is on the horizon according to Geoff Johns.
  • Titans sees Dan Abnett and  Brett Booth bring favorite characters back, and see how friendships change.
  • Titans Hunt has a major tie to DC Rebirth.
  • Justice League  #50 will be drawn by Jason Fabok, and is a dream come true for him.
    • We will find out what the Joker’s real name is!

Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn

  • Harley Quinn’s run will continue with Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Chad Hardin and John Timms. It will be twice monthly beginning in August. There will be a lot more cameos and characters showing up in the series.
  • Jim Lee and Philip Tan will provide the art for the twice monthly Suicide Squad. It will be written by Rob Williams. Killer Crock, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Katana, Boomerang, Killer Croc and others that will be revealed soon.
  • Amanda Conner is now exclusive at DC Comics.

And The Rest

  • Green Arrow twice monthly in June written by Ben Percy, with art by Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra.
  • Batman Beyond written by Dan Jurgens with art by Bernard Chang sees the return of Terry McGinnis.  It kicks off in October.
  • Deathstroke arrives in August as a twice monthly series written by Christopher Priest, with Carlo Pagulayan, Igor Vitorino, and Felipe Watanabe as artists.
  • The Hellblazer will see John Constantine and Swamp Thing team in August. The series will be written by Simon Oliver with Moritat on art.
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws will be written by Scott Lobdell with art by Dexter Soy. It’s going to get “bizarre” beginning in August.
  • Jamie Reyes and Ted Kord return as the Blue Beetles in September! Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins will tell the tale.
  • Damien Wayne takes on the Teen Titans in October. It will be written by Ben Percy with art by Jonboy Meyers.
  • Justice League of America arrives as a twice monthly in September, but I think last-minute deals are being made as no cover and no creative team was announced.

The catalog for DC Rebirth arrives in stores on April 13th.

And that wraps it up for everything going on with #DCRebirth. What are your reactions? Use the comment section below.

Pictures will arrive soon from DC and then we’ll add them to this article…

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    • I’m sure they are going to decompress the twice-monthly books to end up making more money for the same amount of service.

  1. Action Comics features the Superman from Superman: Lois and Clark, so pre-New 52 version. That’s a great book right now, so looking forward to seeing him take the spotlight.

    This is the version that is married to Lois and they have a Son, who appears to be the new Superboy, but I don’t think that was officially stated, but they showed some images early on of some of the new character designs and Superboy was one of them. Looked like him at least.

    Looking forward to seeing Christopher Priest back at DC on that Deathstroke title.

  2. What about including the digital copy with purchase? Will they one-up Marvel by selling at $2.99 with a free digital copy?

  3. I’m not impressed with DC, or Marvel, lately. Boring, confusing stories, endless events, dead then not dead characters, I think I’m done. Thanks to Wayne’s Comics, I’m finding much better content with independent creators.

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