J. R. Roberts’ classic Adult Western characters returns to print in THE GUNSMITH #401: NEW MEXICO POWDER KEG.  Pro Se Productions offers readers the chance to read the book’s first chapter for free!

The Gunsmith’s reputation is legendary across the west when it comes to women, but there is one companion above all else Clint Adams would do whatever it takes to protect-Eclipse, his Darley Arabian stallion. When Eclipse is stolen in the night by a notorious horse thief thought dead, The Gunsmith tears across Texas and into New Mexico, intent on retrieving his most trusted friend and putting anyone in the ground who stands in his way.

Teaming up with a bounty hunter he’d crossed paths with before, Adams hunts the outlaws who stole his horse and discovers that more than simple horse stealing, even more than Eclipse is at stake. Riding deep into enemy territory, The Gunsmith finds madmen intent on anarchy in New Mexico and a seductive woman, ready to use her body and more to make sure that she is queen of a lawless land! THE GUNSMITH #401: NEW MEXICO POWDER KEG by J. R. Roberts.

The first chapter of THE GUNSMITH #401 is available to read for free at

Featuring cover and logo design by Jeffrey Hayes and print formatting and cover design by Percival Constantine, THE GUNSMITH #401: NEW MEXICO POWDER KEG is available now at Amazon at and Pro Se’s own store at for 8.99.

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