After years of listing TwoMorrows Publishing’s fan-favorite comics magazines in a separate section of its Previews catalog, Diamond Comic Distributors is now consolidating all of TwoMorrows’ comics-related publications into one section, in the front half of the catalog.

Beginning with the current February 2016 catalog (for items shipping to comics shops in April), the “TwoMorrows” section under “Comics & Graphic Novels” includes both books AND magazines, for easier ordering. The section can be found mid-way through the catalog, alphabetically under the letter “T”.

Publisher John Morrow was elated with the change. “For years, we’ve had to make sure readers that saw our comics history, how-to, and artist biographies in the “Comics” section, knew we were also listing our magazines separately in the back half of Previews. Now that everything is finally in one place, it’s bound to be a win-win-win, for both Diamond and comics shops, and us, as readers will find our stuff much more easily.” The one exception to the new grouping is TwoMorrows’ LEGO® magazine BrickJournal, which will continue to be listed in the Magazine section under “Lego”.

The comics publications TwoMorrows has listed this month includes:

Alter Ego #140 (edited by comics legend Roy Thomas)
Alter Ego: Centennial (an oversize celebration of 100 issues of the magazine)
Lee & Kirby: The Wonder Years (examining the working relationship of the co-creators of the Marvel Universe)
The Star*Reach Companion (an historical overview of the pivotal independent publication of the 1970s)
American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1980s (a new printing of a sold-out volume of this hardcover series)
Joe Kubert: Creator & Mentor (Comic Book Creator magazine’s tribute to the renowned artist)
Modern Masters: Bruce Timm and Modern Masters: Frank Cho (new printings of two of the most popular volumes of the Modern Masters series)


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