In 2011, when DC relaunched their comic-book universe, the characters of Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Publishing (originally part of the Image Comics line back in ’93) were folded into the new iteration of the DC Universe, allowing the likes of Spartan and Mr. Majestic to stand side-by-side with Red Tornado and Superman.  Though few of the Wildstorm characters still have their own titles (Is Midnighter still being published?), it was interesting to see their world history become part of the oldest continuing shared universe, leading me to wonder what Youngblood would be like in the Marvel Universe or how different the adventures of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers might be if the Avengers were one town over from Angel Grove, leading to today’s mash-uppable query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) actually hoped to see He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe absorbed into the greater DCU when their series began, asking: Which independent comic titles would you like to see as annexed universes of one of the bigger publishers?


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  1. Spirit would work great in current Marvel universe. He could be involved in more humorous type of detective stories, acting as elderly, out of time figure in titles like Squirrel Girl & Ms. Marvel. Maybe even crossover with Daredevil or Power man/Iron Fist.

  2. With the multiverses over at DC being in existence again, I would love to see the MLJ/Archie Comics’ Mighty Crusaders and those heroes on an Earth of their own, maybe even trying to repel an incursion by Darkseid.

    How about an annual Billionaires’ Retreat, with Tony Stark and/or Bruce Wayne tryin gto get the better of Scrooge McDuck!

  3. None. I find that when something gets absorbed into a larger, pre-existing monstrosity of a multiverse, it often loses what makes it unique & interesting. Mr. Majsestic & Icon might have interesting takes on an archetype and can be paragons of that archetype in their original setting. But plunk them in the same “universe” as the originator of that archetype and they’re now just D-list also-rans instead.

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