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  1. I kind of think the whole DC Berlanti-verse needs to be bound up into one category, because with the series existing within the same universe and each character visiting the others, it almost feels like one show over several nights, with several main stories being told at once. Very much a soap opera feel. I’m Including Supergirl (my vote) in this because I think it is almost inevitable to connect this with a bigger Berlanti-verse, in some fashion or another.

  2. I know its not back on just yet, but Agents of Shield is doing some good stuff. The story line this season has it setup as its own self contained show and it is working. It has had everything from great character developments to awesome cliff hangers to WTF moments. If you are not watching Agents of Shield your missing some good stuff this year.

  3. The Flash, followed closely by a tie between Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

    I am interested in a few others, but those are the series I’m enjoying most at the moment. Supergirl is fun, but it hasn’t grabbed me like The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow has, and I haven’t seen The Magicians or the new X-Files as of this post.

  4. I love the ridiculous musical craziness of Galavant. Season 2 ends next Sunday, and I’m greatly looking forward to it.

  5. Being far too busy to find shows on my own, I’ve been watching very little. This list will help me figure out what to watch when I have some free time. Thanks again, Major Spoilers!

    Supergirl has my current vote because it is the only one I am currently watching. I picked it because I knew I could watch it with my kids. There aren’t enough shows where I can feel comfortable doing that.

    • I wish there were more all-ages appropriate series on now. Most of the time when my nephews or friends kids are here we are stuck watching cartoons on Netflix. I’m fine with it since that makes up a big portion of what I watch anyway, but every other adult here at the house isn’t.

  6. Flash is just so much fun. Even when there are serious heavy moments they’re like bites of dense fudge in an airy mousse. Plus: Alternate Earths! The endless possibilities mean I have hopes of seeing some of the many minor DC characters I love.

  7. Skippy The Wonder Chicken on

    I’m loving Galavant this year. They’re starting too poke fun at the plot holes and the Cancellation Bear has been kept at bay for yet another year!

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