Jawiin on youtube has released the latest episode of Girl on Supergirl hosted by Ashley Victoria Robinson!

Every week she will review CBS‘ Supergirl episode and provide breakdowns and interesting information about the classic DC Comics’ characters popping up throughout the series! This week she reviews the eleventh episode Strange Visitor From Another Planet:

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About Author

Ashley Victoria Robinson is a Canadian girl by day and Robin by night. She lives in Los Angeles now and stars as Ensign Williams in THE RED SHIRT DIARIES, co-hosts the GEEK HISTORY LESSON podcast and writes for Top Cow.

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  1. Dear Ashley Victoria Robinson,
    Please, please, please start a full length “Girl on Supergirl” podcast. I watch your “Girl on Supergirl” YouTube every week, but it is FAR to short. I listen to the Geek History lesson in the car on the way to work and love it. I’ve tried out a bunch of Supergirl podcasts, but don’t really connect with the podcasters. I’d love it if you did a full length weekly “Girl on Supergirl” podcast (a la Flashback). Feel free to grab Steve, Matthew or Jason. In short, give me a quality, entertaining Supergirl podcast that I can enjoy on the road. THANKS!

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