Things get heated in this week’s Dueling Review and Matthew and Stephen take a look at Titans Hunt #4 from DC Comics.

titanshuntTITANS HUNT #4
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Paulo Siqueira
Enter Hawk and Dove…drawn to a mystery that threatens to destroy the perfect balance of their partnership. And the lost and scattered Titans—Dick, Donna, Garth, Roy, Gnarrk, Mal and Lilith—battle to discover the dark secret that unites them, but time is running out. Can they make sense of their twisted dreams before the escalating nightmare overwhelms them?

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  1. Garrett Lokheim on

    I just really think that DC is attempting fix up the Teen Titan’s history by implementing that their original members did exist as a team called Teen Titans because of what Scott Lobdell wrote in the beginning of the New 52. Many people may agree and are not happy with what was brought about within Lobdell’s book, so by having this book can satisfy older readers giving the Teen Titans a history like the original without rebooting the whole concept of Titans while the New 52 Teen Titans continues. So, older readers like me an early 20 year old is happy to see the original Titans back but fitting into the new 52. Therefore, this book potentially will tell us where these characters have been and maybe they will be bringing in the 80’s New Teen Titans characters like Starfire and Raven just like the original Teen Titans timeline in the past. Yes, many younger person may not know Gnark, Lilith, Aqualad, Herald, and Hawk and Dove, but just like many books they bring back old characters all the time or unfamiliar characters that will be eventually known and hopefully loved throughout a book and in the future. There is a lot of cliff hangers and mystery which continues to appeal a reader like me into the book every month. Overall, I do enjoy the books because of nostalgia and correction of Teen Titans history. Because New 52 teen titans with Lobdell can just be a new team with a new story instead of an original story of the “first” team but hopefully they do launch an ongoing of this “Titans” team maybe with Wally? which will satisfy older readers and newer readers can still have their New 52 Teen Titans.

    • I agree. Both DC and Marvel have been doing this a while now. They both want to seem progressive and new on the outside, but in the inside, both are playing very safe and are very scared about not losing their older readers. That’s why w have two Captain Americas, Two Thors and god knows how many Spider-people. They want to eat their cake and have it too.

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