During today’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Special the first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman hit the world.

This is some incredibly promising footage which nods back to the classic idea of Wonder Woman, which also speaks highly for the coming Wonder Woman movie.

Who thinks this Wonder Woman footage looks amazing? What more are you looking forward to from Gal Gadot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Via CosmicBookNews.


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    • Gal Gadot looks amazing as Wonder Woman and that’s good. The story seems good, but the footage they showed is… lackluster. I hope they get the action right.

  1. I second the Xena knock off look and feel. I must admit however that this will not deter me in any way from being excited about a Wonder Woman movie on the silver screen. Can’t wait to see it. Maybe it would be best for me to avoid future footage until an actual trailer is released. Overall I would judge this footage as simply… meh.

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