Time, time, time, see what’s become of these great heroes, all of whom have experienced temporal instability and whatnot…  Welcome to Ten Things!

Whooshman-Bicarbonate Films, in conjunction with ‘An Amateur Comics Historian’, and Doctor Samuel Beckett, Presents:




Classmate of Clark Kent and designated love interest of Superboy, Lana Lang was created to be a teenage version of Lois Lane, but when her boyfriend began commuting to the 30th Century to serve in the Legion of Super-Heroes, Lana (somehow) ended up coming along for the thousand-year ride.  Using a magic ring that allowed her to turn into insect/human hybrid creatures, Insect Queen was given an honorary Legion membership, along with Pete Ross, Jimmy “Elastic Lad” Olsen and Brainiac 5’s best pal, Rond Vidar, with most of her superhero antics taking place in the far-flung future…




Time-displacement is her middle name!  Well, not literally, as Sara Quinones middle name was never revealed, but she did have the ability to travel back along her own timeline a few seconds at a time.  Because of the strain of her abilities (she once burned to death half a dozen times trying to accumulate enough of a “flashback” to warn her comrades in the Blood Syndicate of an explosion), Sara also smokes illegal substances to stay sane, but she and her comrades are still a formidable force for good in the Milestone Universe.




The first mutant born after the Scarlet Witch used her reality-altering powers to devastate the mutant population, Hope quickly became a pawn in games of deceit and power.  The X-Man Bishop vowed to kill her to keep her from becoming the mutant antichrist in his alternate future, but the mutant Cable was able to escape into the timestream with her.  By the time she reappeared (just a few months later in Marvel time), she was a grown woman, who was almost immediately targeted by the Phoenix Force as a host, setting off the war of Avengers Vs. X-Men.




The daughter of The Hulk (Bruce Banner) and the future warrior called Thundra, Lyra traveled back from her alternate future to save her population of Femizons from extinction.  In so doing, she interacted with a younger version of her father (who has as many alternate future children as Scott Summers now, I think) and was one of literally a dozen Hulks in play during recent years.  When last seen, Lyra The Savage She-Hulk had established, then lost, a peaceful matriarchy in weird pocket dimension.  Y’know, like you do…




Marla Mason is a member of the Tomorrow Syndicate, circa the year 1963, in the series of the same name.  With her fiance, Inframan, she ends up shunted out of her own timestream along with her teammates, ending up in a strange extradimensional way station that resembles a train station.  Sadly, she and her comrades have been trapped in this limbo-realm seemingly for eternity, as the 1963 series famously remains unfinished (one of several such tales at 90s Image Comics.)




Hailing from the extradimensional world of Bgztl, Tinya Wazzo was a long-serving member of the Legion of Super-Heroes when a temporal accident threw her back to the 20th century.  As Phase, she became a founding member of Vril Dox’s L.E.G.I.O.N., before a universal shift occurred and turned her into ‘Apparition.’  Paradoxically, Apparition ALSO had a temporal misadventure, but was revealed to be half-Carggite (Triplicate Girl’s race), and thus only ONE of her three selves was thrown back in time to become Phase.

This is what it’s like to be a Legion fan, Faithful Spoilerites…



Black Phantom

The daughter of ghostly cowboy The Haunted Horseman, Buckaroo Betty was a feared bandit (crossing pistols with cowboy hero Red Mask in comics printed in the 1950s) before being thrown through time to the 20th Century during the Femforce’s epic war with The Black Shroud.  The combination of elements gave her intangibility powers, and the Phantom became an ally of the Femforce in the future.  Her story gets pretty complicated (and, I believe, more than a little bit retconny) but nonetheless, an intangible cowgirl superhero from the past is pretty cool, all told…




After the New Warriors massive battle with the Sphinxes, plural, Robbie “Speedball” Baldwin is stunned to find that his pal Rina Patel actually had super-powers of her own.  Joining the Warriors and using her strange time-powers (slowing time in her immediate area, swapping minds with past and future selves, traveling through time), Rina served ably until depowered by a Dire Wraith weapon.  When last seen, Rina was on the run from anti-New-Warriors sentiment circa the superhero Civil War…




Unlike many of the heroes on this list, Namora was displaced not by temporal shenanigans, but by suspended animation.  After a few appearances in the 50s, she reappeared in 1972 just long enough to get “killed”, and her body lay in state under the ocean for years, until M-11, The Human Robot broke through a holographic field to show that she wasn’t dead at all.  Easily as powerful as her cousin Namor, Namora is still a member of the Agents Of Atlas, working in the shadows to protect us all, even after losing decades (depending on the time-distortions, mind you) of her life frozen under the sea…




None of the New Mutants have had an easy life (they’ve been used as chewtoys and plot devices after their original cancellation, for the most part) but X’ian Coy Manh has been kicked around a little bit more.  Possessed by the evil Shadow King, she became impossibly obese, so large she could barely move, until her team was thrown into a magical portal into Asgard.  The New Mutants were thrown about in time, as well, leaving X’ian alone to survive in a hostile desert along for MONTHS, just long enough to lose the thousand or so extra pounds she had gained and returned to service with the team not long after, making her time jaunt one of the more productive in superhero history…

Thanks to Faithful Spoilerite Fabian Künne (@slaglantern) for this week’s suggestion, and feel free to follow along (@MightyKingCobra) for more Ten Things madness on Twitter! As with any set of like items, these aren’t meant to be hard and fast or absolutely complete, because if all the time-travel stories disappeared, 40% of all comics ever written would up and vanish…

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  1. You missed my favourite time tripping X-Lady Rachel Grey/Summers.
    First appearing in The Days of Future Past the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey traveled back from the future to join the X-Men as the new Phoenix. After a stay in mojo world and a trip back to the future to finally sort those pesky sentinels she finally settled in the present.

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