AEG has released a rundown of all the new games you can find at your FLGS this month.


Designed by David J. Mortimer. Lead the most impressive flock of beautiful birds through feeding, nest building and hatching. Selecting the actions is simple, but when one bird flies, so do all the others! Can you time your actions to take advantage of when the flocks fly?

A tabletop board game for 2-5 players. MSRP $29.99.

epicpvp02 epicpvp01Epic PVP Fantasy and AEG 6202 Epic PVP: Fantasy Expansion 1

The Shufflebuilding™ Game of Arena Combat. Designed by veteran game designers Ryan Miller and Luke Peterschmidt, Epic PvP: Fantasy is equally at home at a hardcore game night as it is in a coffee shop or at the family dinner table. Setup couldn’t be simpler – just choose which fantasy race/class combo you want to play, shuffle those two decks together and battle against your worthy opponents. Created by Fun to 11 and published under license.

Epic PVP has two releases in January, the Base Set with 4 race decks and 4 class decks, and Expansion #1 with 2 new race decks and 2 new class decks.

A tabletop card game for 2-4 players. Base Set MSRP $29.99. Expansion 1 MSRP $19.99.


Designed by David Short. Will you cross the finish line first? Now is your chance to find out! Automobiles is a deck‑building game where the fun is cubed. Instead of cards, you’ll be building your collection with cubes. Your cubes not only allow you to race your car around the track, but they will also allow you to improve your handling, optimize your pit crew, and boost your speed, which are your keys to victory!

A tabletop board game for 2-5 players. MSRP $49.99.

ravenousriverRavenous River

Designed by Isaac Shalev. In Ravenous River, each player takes the role of an animal trying to cross the river. The roles are hidden during the game so you don’t know which players are predator or prey. Be careful not to end up on a boat with the wrong animal, or you’ll end up as its lunch! Use your feral cunning to trap your prey on the same boat for a tasty treat while you cross the river. The player who scores the most points by crossing the river, eating their prey, and avoid being eaten themselves wins!

A tabletop board game for 2-7 players. MSRP $9.99.

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