This weekend’s Doctor Who Christmas special was a lovely experience, and one that firmly underlined one of my core beliefs about The Doctor: He should never be left to his own devices.  Previous solo adventures have unfailingly ended poorly (as the Fourth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors history shows), and with Jenna Coleman’s exit, the position of companion is once again open.  I have little idea what the BBC has in mind for the future, but looking at the past, there are a number of fascinating folk who have shared the TARDIS console room with our favorite Time Lord, leading to today’s counterbalancing query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will almost always pick Jamie McCrimmon, the young highlander whose tenure in the TARDIS was actually longer than some of the Doctors, asking: Which of the Doctor’s many companions is your pick for the best partner to tour space/time?


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  1. Sarah Jane Smith in any incarnation, be it the young Sarah Jane of the classic series and a few spin-off videos and specials or the older but still beautiful Sarah Jane of the revived series and “The Sarah Jane Adventures”. She’s intelligent, resourceful and strong willed, and she just seems like the sort of person I could trust and get along with. Got to be someone I can trust and get along with if we’re going to spend a long period of time getting into adventures across time and space.

    There is also a strong case for either K-9 or Wilfred Mott, but only if Sarah Jane isn’t available.

    (I still miss you, Elisabeth Sladen!)

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