Hey Listeners/Readers/Lizards, due to conflicts with some menacing lizard-people-underground-illuminati conferences, we present you an episode from THE VAULT (thunder, lightning). Next episode will be a discussion of Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis, with Aurora following hot on it’s heels.

In this Culture Club episode, we talk about our highlights from GenCon 2014, notably artful medieval-em-up card game Ortus Regni. A good(?) time is had by all with collaborative storytelling games Carolina Death Crawl and Psi-Run, with a nod to Fiasco.

Peter has been playing Folklore, but doesn’t really feel like talking about it. Nathan and George debate Season 10,000,000 of Dr. Who, while a 90 year old man and a hair piece fight vampires in The Strain. Nathan watches OUTLANDER, but Geroge doesn’t know why.

We introduce segments wherein George trolls Nathan on Twitter and we spend a second listening to a picture of Peter’s butt. Finally, George gives advice on how to cut through the content clutter by following him and Nathan on (the now defunct! You can safely ignore this part) ThisIsMyJam.com.

If listening to this episode causes any painful sores, hair loss, or loss of sleep, contact your doctor immediately. Otherwise, email us at lizardpeopledearreaders@gmail.com, or tweet @drlizardpeople.

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George Chimples comes from the far future, where comics are outlawed and only outlaws read comics. In an effort to prevent that horrible dystopia from ever coming into being, he has bravely traveled to the past in an attempt to change the future by ensuring that comics are good. Please do not talk to him about grandfather paradoxes. He likes his comics to be witty, trashy fun with slightly less pulp than a freshly squeezed glass of OJ. George’s favorite comic writers are Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison, while his preferred artists are Guy Davis and Chris Bachalo, He loves superheroes, but also enjoys horror, science fiction, and war comics. You can follow him @TheChimples on Twitter for his ramblings regarding comics, Cleveland sports, and nonsense.

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