In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Podcast: The party gets into the tower and have to fight. Good thing they are prepared, right?

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  1. “Dancely stab”

    That is easily the most bad-ass/funny image ever: imagine Randus’ assistant dancing Tango wit hte baddy, a knife in one of it’s robotic legs, going for a stab at the end but missing XD

  2. I’m personally kinda amused that after 4 months of this season we still have no idea what the heck “Legacy of Ghosts” means. All in good time I’m sure just find it kind odd but we do have one more world to check out.

    One other note I’ve noticed on listening back to this season that Stephen seems to know how Orem has changed when he first wakes up on each new world since its Stephen doing the description of Orem as 2d or beefcake. Is some side conversation being edited out or is this being handled via email or something. I guess my questions who is creating the descriptions how is that being handled mechanistic wise?

    • Actually Dinobite, I think in the last world they were in, there was a thing about people long dead just wandering around like they were alive in one of the dragon’s manifestations. I kinda thought that sounded like ghosts! I don’t think Rodrigo created a bunch of worlds only for them to have no connection at all to the legacy of ghosts, so my guess is that these worlds are all connected by this ‘ghost’ link. I could be wrong, but there’s something to consider? :)

      • Simonsimonforyou on

        It’s really interesting this season, because it seems to me like the in previous seasons the characters had a clear goal. There was an evil force trying to destroy, and they were the heroes who chose to thwart. Sometimes with a little help from other people, like Gods.

        But in this season, it’s like Rodrigo threw them into the ocean and went “alright, let’s see if you can get home”. It doesn’t feel like there’s a mission with an opponent yet, it doesn’t feel like the characters are doing something that’ll have consequence. They’ll get home, and then what? It’s back to like it were before.

        It sounds like I don’t like it, which isn’t the case. I feel like the way this season is done really adds to the suspense and tension of listening to the show. I’m really more attentive this time around, because I’m constantly looking for signs in Rodrigo’s world building. I really like this season, it’s very fascinating. It feels very different to me.

        English isn’t my first language, so not sure it makes sense. I love the show, and I’m listening each week excited to see where it goes :)

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