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  1. I really enjoyed the first episode and look forward to the series. I think we’ll have to just accept the absence of Superman with all of the Kryptonians running around and I’m ok with that.

    I did roll my eyes with the “My name is Kara Zor-El…” intro. I’m sure we’ll hear that on a weekly basis. It is a Berlanti production after all.

  2. I liked it, the superman group always held a soft spot in my heart and it’s nice to see a live action super girl.
    That said, I was a little disappointed she was so compliant to other people. Particularly when she got “permission” to hunt down the bad guy.

    But I do like the light tone

  3. Simon Gosselin on

    I’m not a fan of Superman. Nor the superhero genre. But I gave a good try to Flash and Agent of SHIELD. And as I wise men said once: And I liked it! One thing I noticed is that it is really well acted. The main characters are already starting to be well defined. And even if it is a superhero, there is personal improvement possible. I’m in for a couple more episodes!

  4. Superman comes to earth and spends a good chunk of time battling humans – clever, bad ass, dangerous, to be sure. SUPERGIRL comes to earth and for her live action debut they dump an entire prison’s worth of alien convicts equal to her strength on her. And cousin Superman never shows up to help? Not only is that a really strong start – to give this new TV version of our superhero her very own gift-wrapped package of bad guys to keep her busy, but Superman never once shows up to lend a hand. THAT’s an endorsement.

    I wish, however the TV writers get over her super sweet, insecure girl next door. We don’t need Laura Ingalls spunky. We need Buffy the Vampire Slayer (GAWD I miss those days!) or maybe just matured, short-haired Gabrielle from Xena. Strong, NOT insecure and perfectly capable of putting the Primadona in her place without her realizing it. I can tell I am going to spend most of the season trying not to play Duck Hunter and shoot my TV every time Calista Flockhart has a scene. Uncle James Olsen gives me the creeps with his ‘I’m the surrogate father figure for your not-baby-cousin” schtick.

    3.5 slices of meatloaf. Kinda cliched, but if she can get beyond just being sweetn-n-spunky it overall has potential. I’ll stick with it awhile and see how it goes.

  5. I agree. I don’t like the villain of the week generator. Don’t like how she acts like a teenager but is 24. People want a female lead. Not a female follower.

    As a Superman fan, I’m going to give this show at least a season of watching but it has lots of room for improvement.

    • Oh, I’m not a fan of the “Every villain is going to be an alien like Supergirl” plot either. I much rather most of the challenges she faces are earthly in nature like the plane rescue. She doesn’t have to throw a punch in every episode (although I thought the fights weren’t bad).

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