There have been many arguments among convention attendees about which is bigger and better – San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con. Me, I prefer NYCC!

This weekend, from Thursday, October 8, through Sunday, October 12, NYCC will hit the ground at full speed with so many things going on, there’s no way I could begin to list them all here! I recommend you go to their website instead!

NYCC is considered by many one of the last big comic conventions of the calendar year, but don’t rule out other cons. Smaller conventions can be a lot of fun and much closer to home!


NYCC, SDCC, San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, convention, badge, Jacob JavitsI’ve mentioned this previously, but it’s important to remember that a big con like this one can really wear someone out who isn’t used to walking a lot.

Last year, I had to walk to the subway station, then to the Jacob Javits Center itself. That was a lot in itself, but then you need to be ready to walk all over the building as well, from Artists Alley to the display areas up on another level.

I always remember the year when I had to pick up my press pass after walking to the building. I ended up walking back and forth and back again (I received bad directions from a volunteer.) before finally getting to the booth where I could get my pass. I was a sweaty mess at that point! I ended up having to sit down on the floor for an hour or so to cool down and be ready for the next period of walking!

If you can get in some exercise in the next couple of days, even that would be help get you ready!


NYCC is one of the conventions where they have you scan your badge when you enter as well as when you leave the building each day. That’s important to know!

For a little piece of plastic, your badge is an important thing to have with you at all times while there. I’ve never had to go in or leave without it, but I’m sure it’s rough even attempting that! Last I heard, the con had sold out of badges, too!

Entering the building on Thursday and Friday can take a really long time. Last year, the line went almost completely around the building with fans trying to get in for the first time. Yikes!

It doesn’t take long for them to scan your badge once you reach one of the con’s volunteers, and they often have several people available to help everyone move along. It’s just truly tough to get in early each day, so be sure to plan for that!


NYCC, SDCC, San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, convention, badge, Jacob JavitsOne thing that’s really helpful is to download and install the con’s application (or app) on your mobile device.

You can set up your schedule on it, and it will keep you up to date with the latest information the con is sending out during the day. If an event gets cancelled, for instance, they’ll often send a message our via their app so you don’t waste time trying to get somewhere only to find what you were hoping to attend is no longer happening.

The easiest way to get this app is to go to the online app store for your particular device and search for “NYCC.” Then install it and keep an eye on it as the days progress.


Nearly all of us attending a convention are fans of at least one genre on display there. We have that in common. I know it’s easy to get upset when you’re being jostled around and can barely take a step or two without running into someone else or being stepped on, but patience truly is a virtue in this case.

If you happen to be in a long line, take a few minutes to say hi to the persons around you. I’ve often learned a lot listening to other fans sharing what they know, so give it a try!

NYCC, SDCC, San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, convention, badge, Jacob JavitsI never understand it when someone wants to snap a photo of a great costume and because both have stopped, people around them intentionally bump into them or complain loudly. The person who made that outfit worked hard on it, and one of the biggest rewards he or she gets is to have people like it enough to want to take a picture of it! It’ll only take a few seconds, so let them take home that great memory.

Great guests, terrific panels, stuff you can’t buy anywhere else – it’s going to be a wonderful convention! You’ll get to meet other fans as well as many creators of the product you enjoy! And if you see me there, say hello! I promise I’ll answer back! And if you can’t attend for any reason, be sure to check here at often for the latest news and info from NYCC!

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