In Josh Trank’s new Fantastic Four movie Doctor Doom reign supreme as the classic villain. Actor Toby Kebell takes on the role and gives viewers a taste of what they can expect in the latest Fantastic Four offering to the big screen in cinemas August 6th


What are your thoughts on this newest Fantastic Four clip? Do you like this version of Doctor Doom? Let us know if you are going to see the Fantastic Four this weekend in the comments below!


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  1. My knee-jerk reaction is, “Why can they never get Dr. Doom right?” But maybe it’ll make more sense within the context of the movie.

  2. Malone_hasco on

    That was Doom? When we have close up footage of one of the most iconic villains of all time and I wouldn’t had been able to tell without that headline who it was, we have a problem. I don’t get why every single time they have some classic character one of these corporate “geniuses” seem to be compelled to change them in some fundamental way which makes them completely pointless to be there in the first place. Hes a damn megalomaniac, yet brilliant dictator archetype, that’s who he is, how can it be so hard? If they cant get Doom right, what hope there is for any other comic character ever created?

    Happens frequently with Superman, happened in Nolan’s Batman, (which I still say sucks, he doesn’t get the character at all), Happened in X-Men to a lesser extent and seems to be taken to extreme in this FF movie. Im not talking about appearances, actors ethnicity or anything else in that vein, but their origins, motivations and their fundamental character traits and what they are supposed to represent. Comics, like scifi is never just about colourful spandex heroes or spaceships and ray guns, at least if its not crap, there’s also some deeper meaning behind it and its handled through these easier to approach settings.

    They don’t give a crap about these characters, name is only there because it makes them easier for marketing department to push on people. Why is Marvel studios only movie producer allowed to make comic book characters like they appear in comics, or at least close to it?

    I’m not saying this will necessarily be a terrible movie if we forget 65 years of Fantastic Four that’s already been there but I can already tell that it will have very little to do with Fantastic Four. One can always make an argument that new or something more contemporary is needed but if that is the case, why use characters from the 60’s in the first place? If I buy a bag of apples, I expect there to be apples in it, not oranges.

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