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  1. It’s a pretty solid story especially if you have liked most of Bruce Timm/Paul Dini’s work on Batman:TAS and Batman Beyond. It’s basically a Batman’s Greatest Hits album. There are some really twisted turns and shocking moments but if you are a Batman fan you probably already know who the Arhkam Knight is and if you don’t, they telegraph it pretty well.

    • There are versions for computers (at least according to articles I’ve seen that mention versions for different Windows, Linux and OS X), but I personally find this type of game to be a lot more fun when played on a console.

      • Guillaume Berube on

        From what I heard the PC port has been bad wich is surprising since the company that was handling it has a good track record. Rumors says it is due to limited testing in order to limit spoiling the story.

      • The PC versions have been pulled after they have been deemed unplayable. One of the worst releases of a game in recent history. There are stories of bugs in the PC version that cause Batman to be unable to move while the game and AI around it continues to function. That is the only time I have seen Batman lose to a bunch of thugs. :)

  2. Nope. Not for lack of interest, I just don’t have a console that it is available for and I’m not really interested in the PC version. I just find games of this type to be a lot more fun on a console.

    And then there is the money issue since I rarely have the funds for non-essentials after bills and med bills. Got a few other things on my list I’ll grab before I grab this (if I ever do).

    • If it is the controller that you prefer when playing games you could get a wired Xbox 360 controller. You can find them cheap online. Just plug it into your computer’s USB port and you have turned your computer into a console. Then check out Steam sales and Humble Bundles for games that can be as cheap as $1. I have purchased some fairly recent games for as $5 on Steam. It is a good option for gamers on a budget.

      • I have a few different console controllers for the PC, but there is still something missing. Can’t really say what because I honestly don’t know. There are just some games that I find more enjoyable on a console, while there are some I find more enjoyable on a PC. Some have fairly obvious reasons (like any Sims game on PC since you can download mods and stuff), but some I can’t figure out why I prefer one over the other when there really aren’t any huge differences.

  3. Russell Catt on

    I plan on playing this game on PC.
    However, I have heard some horrible things about the stability of the PC release.
    I plan on waiting until next spring to pick it up.

  4. WitchRolina on

    Bit hard to be the bat now when I’m already having trouble figuring out whether I’m a kid now or a squid now. :P

  5. My friend had it, and I spent all night on it. It’s got… great storyelling moments for what is overall not that great a story, one that makes me really dislike this Batman as a character. Also,the handling of Catwoman here and Oracle is a little cringeworthy. On the other hand, though, as a game, it looks, feels, and plays FANTASTICALLY.

  6. Matticus_Finch on

    Very much looking forward to playing it, but I’ll be waiting until I can get it used for $25.

  7. I had pre-ordered all of the other games for Xbox 360, but when this one was only on next gen platforms I didn’t. Then I thought I would get the PC version, but luckily I didn’t now seeing that this is the most refunded game in Steam history.

  8. DreamingofRoses on

    Apparently the port to PC was really bad and it’s still a bit too expensive for me, so I will be waiting for a while before I play the game

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