Terminator: Genisys is here, and to celebrate that we have a review of the pilot episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles! One of the hidden gems of the Terminator franchise!

So sit back and enjoy as Ashley and Jason begin their lesson. You might learn something. Enter your Mind University!

Be careful! This podcast contains SPOILERS. So if you don’t want to know what happens, then you should come back later.


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About Author

Born in the land of Superman and now living in Los Angeles, Jason is a simple man who one day dreams of writing a scene where Superman punches the moon. He's worked for many companies including Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Youtubers Rhett & Link. During his ever escaping free time, he produces content for his award winning Youtube channel while reading more comics than any one man should in a week.


  1. Sadly, I can’t listen (nothing wrong with the audio, I’m hard of hearing, legally deaf).

    Initially, I had zero interest in this series, so I neither followed it while it was airing on FOX nor did I even notice when it was cancelled.

    Then came one of those days where Syfy (or it may have still been Sci-Fi Channel) had a marathon of the series.

    I’ll admit the only reasons I gave it a chance were because I was still waking up and didn’t want to channel surf and it had Summer Glau. But over the next few hours, I became interested in the story it presented. It wasn’t perfect, but I thought it felt like it could fit nicely inside the cracks between Terminator films, and the story didn’t feel quite as forced as I expected it to be from the plot summaries I had read. When the final episode rolled around, I was actually disappointed that it left off where it did.

  2. Ace of Dymonds on

    Absolutely loved this series, such a shame it never got a S3 and a proper ending (this series seriously needs a comic miniseries wrapping it up). Great writing, great characters, solid acting across the board.

    ***Vague Spoilers for Whole Series Below***

    Stories that really delve into the moral implications of sentient machines are pretty much my favorite Sci-Fi plots – and this series does it as well as show or movie I’ve ever seen. The scene in mid-S1 where Derek is watching, dumbfounded and horrified, as Cameron practices ballet on her own is etched into my brain, it’s 15 seconds of visual storytelling that just engages those issues perfectly. The entire Weaver / John Henry plot in S2 once Ellison comes on-board, especially as we find out more about what’s really going on, is my favorite part of the series.

    On top of that, it is the best Terminator story out there in the way it treats time-travel (Derek and Jesse’s future histories, the end of the last episode), fleshes out the characters (John growing from whinny kid to leader, giving Sarah some real depth, *all* the secondary characters), and gives us some serious ‘wham’ moments.

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