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Batman 41 coverpickoftheweekBATMAN #41
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: The all-new Batman makes his debut! Who is he, and what happens next? Find out here as a new era begins in Gotham City!

CHRIS: Some people weren’t happy with the ending of Endgame but I thought Snyder knocked it out of the park. Having Gordon in a robot Batman suit is a stunt but I’m still curious to see what Snyder does with it. Regardless, it will still have Mr. Capullo’s brilliant art so it’s well worth the price of admission.

STEPHEN: Well we know Gordon is in the suit, but how did it come to this? I’m in!

WAYNE: Batman. Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo. Yeah, it’s a different guy in this Bat-suit, but I still can’t wait!

CMCACORPS2015001-DC11-d7dfcscorecard061015CAPTAIN MARVEL AND CAROL CORPS #1
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson
Artist: David Lopez
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: • Atten-Hut! These ladies are the best of the best–and will take you down if you threaten their Captain.
• Welcome to Hala Field, where being a part of the elite Carol Corps, requires guts, guile and a whole lot of grit. So put on your uniform and get ready for a high-flying Captain Marvel series years in the making.

MATTHEW: My biggest question is how this all jibes with A-Force, but I’ll follow Kelly Sue’s writing pretty much anywhere…

E2S1coverEARTH 2: SOCIETY #1
Writer: Daniel Wilson
Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Publisher: DC Comics

Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: The survivors of Earth-2’s war with Apokolips find themselves on a new world, but can Green Lantern, Power Girl, a new Batman and the other heroes of Earth-2 create a new world that’s better than the last, or will their interference and good intentions doom this world, just like the old one?

WAYNE: I still enjoy the concept of Earth-2, and also like that really anything can happen, just as it has before. Where does this book go now? I’m ready to find out!

Ghost Racers coverGHOST RACERS #1
Writer: Felipe Smith
Artist: Juan Gedeon
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Welcome to the scorching-hot track where cursed souls race at the speed of sin, anything and everything goes and the only rule is no rule–it’s the spectacle known as the GHOST RACES; the most hellish ‘entertainment’ known to BATTLEWORLD!
1st place prize: Temporary freedom from the ARENA, but what happens to the unlucky and unholy losers? It’s all-out, high-speed warfare among the most bizarre and vicious GHOST RIDERS of the MARVEL UNIVERSE. Expect MANY familiar SKULLS!!

CHRIS: I was really enjoying the new Ghost Rider before Secret Wars started so I’m happy to see this is taking its place in the meantime. It will be interesting to see what other Ghost Riders/Racers there will be other than Johnny, Danny and Robbie and I hope this is fun.

GEORGE: This basically sounds like the best thing ever. It’s not just one flaming skull demon driver. It’s like… a whole bunch.

GOTHAC_Cv7_55773cb28cde21.39502245GOTHAM ACADEMY #7
Writer: Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan
Artist: Mingjue Helen Chen
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: Special guest student Damian Wayne drops by the academy – and he is not pleased to meet his new classmates!

STEPHEN: I don’t know what it is about this series, but it is so, so, so good. Not thrilled about Damian Wayne appearing in this issue, but still Gotham Academy is a must pull, must have each month.

Harvester5coverHARVESTER #5
Writer: Brandon Seifert
Artist: Eric Battle
Publisher: Legendary Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Since the dawn of time, mischievous troublemakers have been warned of his wrath, scholars have searched for traces of his existence and evildoers have been tormented by the unstoppable force that goes by a single name: The Harvester. As a super mall comes under fire, three factions collide as our impetuous reporters get caught in the crossfire. Vicki and Justin, who have devoted their careers to finding the Harvester, finally witness his fury up close and personal. Even after he saves their lives in a hyper-violent rampage, they are left to wonder: is the Harvester a force of good or evil?

WAYNE: I’ve really become quite a fan of Legendary Comics’ product. This book is a great one, with quite an interesting mix of character and the supernatural. If you can, find the previous issues and jump on board! Highly recommended!

Nameless_4_coverNAMELESS #4
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Chris Burnham
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: The world descends into chaos and the astronauts stranded in the Tunnels of Xibalba must endure unspeakable tortures when their captors finally reveal themselves. As all human hopes, fears, doubts, and dreams are subjected to the cruel and merciless scrutiny of an inhuman, sadistic intelligence, is reality collapsing? Or sanity?

CHRIS: Grant Morrison’s satanic space horror story is all kinds of strange and scary as hell. Lots of it is typical Morrison speak where the reader has no idea what characters are saying but it doens’t matter. Chris Burnham draws some truly frightening images and I can’t wait to see the crazy really break out of its cage.

GEORGE: The dynamic duo of Morrison and Burnham concoct a Lovecraftian space adventure that’s about as crazy as you’d imagine. Great series.

SECTION_8_1_54fe292f47f982.39332614SECTION 8 #1
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: John McCrea
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: The greatest superheroes of all time, unseen since the end of the hit series HITMAN, have returned for the greatest superhero story ever told! Befuddled hero Sixpack returns to Gotham City, desperate to rebuild the all-star team known as Section Eight, in the face of a deadly threat. He gathers old friends Bueno Excellente, Baytor and the seemingly reborn Dogwelder, along with some new faces—but he still needs that elusive eighth member. And that’s when the Dark Knight Detective gets an offer he can’t refuse in part one of this unforgettable six-issue miniseries.

GEORGE: Undoubtedly the comic of the week. Why, you ask? Because this one has Dogwelder, who is hands-down the greatest superhero of all time. At last, Ennis and McCrea are returning to the heroes that put Gotham City on the map.

MATTHEW: Ennis’ work may not always be easy to digest, but his work on Hitman was first-rate humor with a streak of mean, and stands as some of the best comics of DC’s 90s Dark Age. I’m hoping that this one will recapture that same sense of humor and goofiness…

STARF-Cv1-ds-5fda5STARFIRE #1
Writer: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99
SOLICITATION: From the writers of the outrageous smash hit HARLEY QUINN comes former Outlaw Starfire in her all-new ongoing series! She’s an alien warrior princess trying to find peace on Earth, and she’ll fight anyone and anything to get it!

MATTHEW: The New 52 reboot Starfire was understandably difficult to accept, as well as very tone-deaf in character and conception. Here’s hoping that the Connor/Palmiotti team can give us the Koriand’r we deserve…


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