I kind of love Wikipedia’s entry on Webcomics:

Webcomics (also known as online comics or Internet comics) are comics published on a website. While many are published exclusively on the web, others are also published in magazines, newspapers or in books.

There are so many webcomics online that sometimes just looking at a general webcomic topic is daunting to say the least. Some webcomics I have discovered only recently have been ongoing for years, while others are brand new and still trying to find their footing. Regardless of the longevity, length, topic, and art style, I find myself spending more than a fair amount of time reading webcomics.

The internet has given birth to yet another new medium: webcomics. Moving beyond the restrictions of print, webcomic artists interact directly with audiences who share their own unique worldview, and create stories that are often embedded in innovative formats only possible online. Sometimes funny, sometimes personal, and almost always weird, web comic creators have taken the comic strip form to new, mature, and artistic heights.

So… do you read webcomics? If you answer YES, make sure to use the comment section to share some of your favorites. If you answer NO, make sure to use the comment section to share why you don’t.


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  1. My favorite webcomics at the moments are Questionable Content, Dumbing of Age and Tales from the Pit (by Magic Designer Mark Rosewater)

  2. My favorites are Table Titans, Ctrl-Alt-Del, VG Cats, Order of the Stick, 8-bit Theatre (even though it ended), and now the new Atomic Robo stuff.

  3. I keep up with two regularly: Dynagirl and Table Titans. Two more I check occasionally: Emma and Cassiopeia Quinn.

  4. I have read several over the years, and continue to read some. But I usually don’t follow one regularly, only checking in every month or two and reading in bulk. I don’t even have a single genre I follow and have read everything from serious to silly, but I lean towards humor, sci-fi, fantasy and parody.

    Some of my favorites are (or in some cases where the series has ended, have been) “Least I Could Do”, “Loli Loves Venom”, “Looking For Group”, “Queen of Wands” (which also led me to “Something Positive” thanks to crossovers and the eventual transfer of the character Kestral to SP after “Queen of Wands” ended), “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal” and “Lil’ Formers” (which I’m sad ended since it was hilarious).

    And, to be perfectly honest, I’ve actually considered creating my own webcomic. The setting is essentially modern day Earth and the characters are loosely based on my friends and I, except most of them aren’t human (elves, aliens, etc.). While the character loosely based on myself is the only human of the main cast, she’s also the one who defies the laws of reality (for instance, people refuse to play trading card games or RPGs with her because when she casts a spell or summons a creature, she literally causes the spell or creature to materialize and attack the other players).

  5. I read far too many to list, but here are my current favorites.

    Broodhollow by Kris Straub
    El Goonish Shive by Dan Shive
    Evil Inc by Brad Guigar
    Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio
    Grrl Power by Dave Barrack
    Kiwi Blitz by Mary Cagle

    Others have come and gone over the years, but these are the ones I look forward to every week.

  6. Russell Catt on

    I read quite a few webcomics. Here is a selection:

    Daily strips:
    Kevin and Kell
    Least I Could Do
    Looking for Group

    MWF Strips:
    Penny Arcade
    Gunnerkrigg Court
    Guilded Age

    2X or 1X per week strips:
    Code Name Hunter
    Minor Acts of Heroism
    Welcome to Hereafter
    Camp Weedonwantcha
    Scandanavia & the World
    Yellow Peril
    Mosscreek Divide
    Table Titans
    The Trenches
    Little Guardians

    Update infrequently:
    Order of the Stick

    Completed webcomics, but totally still worth reading:
    Penny and Aggie
    The Phoenix Requiem

  7. Yes!

    Every update:
    Penny Arcade
    Least I Could Do
    Between Failures

    1 or 2 times a week:
    Looking for Group
    VG Cats

    Binge read:
    Order of the Stick
    Table Titans

  8. Royce McWee III on


    Grrl Power
    Dumbing of Age
    Questionable Content
    Looking for Group
    Deep Fried

    and now of course Atomic Robo.

  9. frammistats on

    I regularly read webcomics, they’re just as good as “normal” comics.

    Stand Still Stay Silent (amazing art, currently my favourite)
    Minor Acts of Heroism (a must read, partially written/drawn by Adriana Fergusen)
    Paranatural (perfect mixture of silly and serious)
    Monsterkind (great use of colour and character design)
    Hotblood (centaurs in the wild west, what else do you need?)
    Wilde Life (guy moves town, sees supernatural things)
    Oglaf (very NSFW, but very funny, recommended for binge reading)
    8-bit Theatre (finished)

  10. I used to read some (Order of the Stick and some others) but I got out of the habit. Also, I just prefer to hold a comic…
    Grognard maybe?

    PS: I’ve heard great things about Table Titans but I just can’t get in the mood to go there and read it. Maybe I can get collected versions of the ones I like.

  11. Leftenant Analogy on

    I’ve read several over the years, and which ones that is my favourites vary depending on storyline and other stuff.
    Currently I’m really enjoying Order of the Stick, Least I Could Do, and Dumbing of Age.

  12. Joshua Stacy on

    I keep a bookmark folder and just go down the list in the morning while I’m waking up & getting ready for work.

    Penny Arcade
    Table Titans
    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
    Questionable Content
    Dr. McNinja
    Dumbing of Age
    Least I Could Do

    and then these last two usually only update once a week so I save them for Sunday or Monday morning:

    The Non-Adventures of Wonderella (great for fans of comics & comic tropes)
    Oglaf (so very much NSFW)

  13. Guillaume Berube on

    I’m reading two currently. XKCD and Maliki’s Le webcomic (Great french webcomic with amazing art).

  14. Order of the Stick, which got me into
    xkcd (and by extension, what if)
    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, which I just discovered and will never get through the backlog.

    and, of course,

    Minor Acts of Heroism

  15. I also have quite a list I check pretty regularly

    Daily strips:
    Least I Could Do
    Looking for Group
    Questionable Content
    Stand Still Stay Silent(Seriously so amazing looking) Author also has a finished Comic “Redtail’s Dream”

    2-3 per week
    Scandanavia & the World
    Table Titans
    Gunnerkrigg Court

    Whenever they happen to update
    Order of the Stick

    Seriously though Stand Still Stay Silent is great http://www.sssscomic.com/

  16. Everybody should be reading Bug Martini, the most consistently funny comic on the web.
    I also like Maximumble.
    Molly and the Bear is very sweet and kind of a retro throwback newspaper style strip.

    On Mondays and Wednesdays you can experience the nervous laughter just after in my very own Brain Teaser Comics…

  17. Blackthorne88 on

    I’ve been a loyal follower of QC, Dr. McNinja, GirlGenius, XKCD, and Goblins for quite a while but it makes me a little crazy to try and check more than so often. I found a comic written and drawn by Tom Siddel from the UK called Gunnerkrigg Court that just blew me away recently and I really think it’s worth a look.

  18. Questionable Content, Gunnerkrigg Court, Bad Machinery (or anything else John Allison does), Octopus Pie and Dumbing of Age (read Shortpacked! and It’s Walky! before that) are those I read most regularly.

  19. I actually read webcomics more than regular comics. Some of my current and longtime favorites include Girly, Girl Genius, Order of the Stick, Love Me Nice, Dr. McNinja, and Skadi, even though that is coming to a close. I also recently started Bluemoon Blackcore.

  20. I do but there’s soo many I used too read Erica Moen’s “DAR” all the time, The Bean, Flaky Pastry, others have disappeared like Wereworld. Used too read that religiously.

  21. Sure – I regularly check these WebComics: Table Titans, PVP, Penny Arcade, Order of the Stick, Real Life Comics, Darths & Droids (not precisely a comic though, I suppose), and Clockworks. Several of these are infrequently updated.

    Always on the look out for more!

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