This week on the Major Spoielrs Podcast: Nazis are good for Superheroes, Archie cancels its Kickstarter, and we take a look at UFOlogy #2, Fight Club 2 #1, Resident Alien, and Chrononauts 3.

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Archie Comics cancels Kickstarter

UFOlogy #2 (of 6)
Authors: James Tynion IV & Noah J.Yuenkel
Artist: Matthew Fox
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Following the disaster at the abandoned house, the bodies of Eustace and “the stranger” are examined while Becky lies in a hospital bed, wishing she could forget everything that happened. Malcolm knows there’s something bigger going on, though, and is eager to investigate.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Fight Club 2 #1
Writer:Chuck Palahniuk
Artist:Cameron Stewart
tColorist:Dave Stewart
Cover Artist:David Mack
Publication Date:May 27, 2015
Tyler Durden lives!
Some imaginary friends never go away . . .

Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, he lives a mundane life. A
kid, a wife, pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won’t last long;
the wife has seen to that. The time has come . . .
Rize or Die.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Resident Alien: The Sam Hain Mystery #1
The stranded, curious alien known as Dr. Harry tends to patients in the sleepy town of Patience, Washington. Questions about the town’s previous doctor arise when a strange briefcase is found. And does Harry’s favorite mystery writer live in Patience too? Peter Hogan (Tom Strong) and Steve Parkhouse (Milkman Murders) return to their unique science-fiction/mystery series!

Rating: ★★★½☆

Chrononauts #3
Story By: Mark Millar
Art By: Sean Gordon Murphy
Cover By: Sean Gordon Murphy
Cover Price: $3.50
Digital Price: $2.99 Published: May 13, 2015
From ancient Rome to the roaring twenties to the 1980s music scene, Corbin and Danny— the world’s first time travelers—continue to wreak havoc with the time-stream, and get into more hijinks with some of history’s most notorious figures! And it’s all happening while the world—and their bosses—are watching!

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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Dr. Peter Coogan returns this week to talk about Nazis as the great foil for comic book heroes of yesterday and today.

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  1. I have been listening to the ongoing kickstarter debate with some interest. I am someone who does enjoy giving money to content creators to further their goals and craft. I have been a VIP Gold member for a long time, and I give to Patreon, subscribe to channels on Twitch, and generally spend money on content creators. I absolutely refuse to contribute to a company that will simply profit from my individual contribution. This is what stocks are for. If a large company wants me to contribute, then I expect a share of the returns. I do not expect this out of Major Spoilers, because I know that my contributions go directly to content and salaries for people I enjoy. Steven is not lining shareholder pockets, and I believe in what he is doing. Therefore he gets my money. a Corporation (without a profit share) will not. That may be hypocritical, but I am ok with that. I think that I am not alone in the way I feel.

  2. Guillaume Berube on

    Great discussion on how world war II shaped superhero comics.

    Manga was hugely influenced by the Nuclear bombs and the american occupation. But when I look at the comics of countries like France and Belgium that were actually occupied by the Nazis the influence seems much more subtle. Tintin was actually published during those years. I’ll have to look for some reading on that.

  3. Guys, you’ve finally done it. While I would happily paint myself a nerd of many stripes, I was never the sort to frequent my local comic shop. I’ve picked up the occasional trade, but that’s been the extent of it.

    And then comes your review for Fight Club 2 #1 – I loved both the book and film, and having been a big fan of Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo, this seemed a perfect storm. Cut to the next day, I’ve stepped foot into the local shop, asked about how it all works with respect to reserving a copy, and now my name’s down in their little book to send me a note as soon as the issue drops into the store.

    WHAT HAVE I BECOME??! This is entirely your fault.

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